Sunday, 7 September 2014

30 Tips for Moisturized Hair

Moisture is everything to a kinky-haired girl, whether relaxed or natural. Length-retention and your hair journey as a whole hinge colossally on the moisture levels of your hair. Many a curly-haired lass, myself included, has or has had an issue with dry hair. But that shouldn't be the case since there are a cornucopia of ways to get and keep moisture in our hair and prevent dry, thirsty tresses.

  1. Deep condition with a moisture-based deep conditioner such as Aubrey's honey suckle rose or Shea Moisture Restorative conditioner. Amp up the effects by using heat.
  2. Add honey, glycerin, and other moisturizing agents to your deep conditioner.
  3. Deep condition overnight!
  4. Co-wash with a product which adds moisture to your hair like VO5 conditioners, Herbal Essences Hello Hydration or Tresseme Moisture Rich.
  5. Rewet your hair with a spray bottle periodically. Or mist with Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water or a similar product.
  6. Seal in the moisture with a thick butter or an oil.
  7. Three letters... L O C or
  8. L C O (whichever works for you)
  9. Baggy your ends or
  10. Use the GHE method to infuse all your hair with moisture.
  11. Moisturize and seal frequently!
  12. Protective style. Wetting your ends or your hair on a whole then bunning it, is a sure-fire way to lock in moisture.
  13. Ensure you don't have hard water running through your pipes!
  14. Wash frequently but...
  15. Pre-poo to prevent your shampoo from destroying your hair's moisture levels and/or...
  16. Use sulfate-free shampoos to prevent your hair drying out.
  17. Apply leave-in conditioner. It'll help your hair dry without drying it out.
  18. Seal your cuticles and prevent moisture from evaporating too quickly by rinsing with cool water.
  19. A final rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar also helps a great deal.
  20. Avoid products that contain bad alcohols like ethyl & isopropyl alcohol.
  21. Stay away from heat, especially that blow-dryer and flat-iron.
  22. Do a hot oil treatment, it works!
  23. Get the right amount of protein to prevent an overload, but also to allow a structure for the moisture to adhere to.
  24. Clarify periodically to prevent build-up. Product build-up can prevent newly applied moisturizing products from penetrating your strands, leaving your hair dry and limp.
  25. Moisturize in sections so you don't miss any of your strands. Better yet...
  26. Get twists, particularly if you workout a lot. It's a great way to keep your hair moisturized all week long!
  27. Use a satin scarf at night as cotton sucks the moisture from our mane.
  28. A satin pillowcase is a great option for my non-scarf-wearing-moisturized-hair-seeking-healthy-hair-journey-girl.
  29. Finally, drink lots, and lots, and lots more water!
How do you keep your hair moisturized? Use any of the above?


  1. Every tip on here is on point!

  2. Great tips!

  3. love these tips!
    funny you mentioned silk pillowcases- i've been looking into getting a satin pillowcase because my scarf refuses to stay on at night.
    not to mention, the agony when i just want to go to bed but can't find it...


    1. Thanks Vanessa. haha I have satin pillowcases for those very same reasons.


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