Monday, 17 March 2014

Getting Steamy - How I Refresh Dry Hair Without Washing

This is just a quick post about how I get my hair uber moisturized without actually washing.

I mini washed on Friday night by Deep conditioning and cowashing. This was done in braids as usual. If you are familiar with my braided-wash process, then you know that after my final rinse I'd rebraid. I was feeling tired that night (I literally fell asleep right out the shower) and so I didn't M&S/ LOC when my hair was nearly dry.

The next day I had somewhere to be so I applied some serum and undid the braids for a braid-out. That night, being tired (AGAIN!!!), I forewent the M&S and just put on the scarf. Needless to say, my hair on Sunday was D.R.Y - dry!!

I had to style my hair for the week and knew that starting with a head full of hay was a no-go. So what'd I do?

refreshing my dry hair with steam

I got into the shower, handled my biz-ny-ee, and with no time for the whole washing and drying saga, I turned the temp to the highest notch and let the steam serenade my strands. I did this for about 5 - 10 mins. My hair was so darn soft and moisturized, I could run my fingers through my 13-weeks-post hair without effort. By this time my hair is damp but not soaking wet or even wet at all, just damp! But I didn't stop there. I've found that the heat from the steam opens up the cuticles and if I get out the shower without adding product to seal the cuticles, my hair literally feels like steel wool.

So, after the steaming, I sectioned my hair into three and grabbed my oil mix. I poured some into my palm and started applying it to the section from ends to root. Next I used about a dime size of Herbal Essence Hello Hydration to seal the deal and my hair was LOCed and loaded. (see what I did there?! lol)

I lightly detangled with my fingers and my wide-tooth comb and my hair was then super moisturized and ready to be styled. I literally styled my hair with 2 bobby pins and a scrunchie right there in the shower. Talk about saving time!

Sidenote: Most Japanese showers (mine included) are separated from the toilet area, thus making it smaller and easier to turn it into a make-shift sauna - perfect for steaming the hair and body. I don't know how well this will work in the regular western showers that are combined, but it's worth a try.

Side-sidenote: Don't do this to refresh straightened hair, but I'm sure you knew that!

Stay tuned to see what style I did in my HOTW post, coming up next.

How do you resurrect dry hair?


  1. I do the same too, but minus the herbal essence step. I manage to steam up my regular 'western' bathroom. But the extractors work on over drive after.

    1. OK good, I'm glad it works for when I'm bacK there!

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  3. That sounds cool. I will try it the next time i have dry hair and not in the mood to wash and DC again.

    1. It really worked to hydrate my hair. It's a great alternative to cowashing.

  4. Oh how I just envy Japanese showers! The sauna/shower combo must've felt great! I too have dry hair problems occasionally, so I'll try to follow your steps here nex time I'm too tired to wash my hair. Thanks for sharing! Btw, the hair looks amazing in the HOTW post! Mattie @

    1. Thank you Mattie! And thanks for stopping by!


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