Tuesday, 18 March 2014

I Did it in the Shower - HOTW

This is my final HOTW post :-(! 
I go on spring holiday from work this Thursday and next week I will be relaxing. My hair may very well end up in a protective style after being prepped for the relaxer process, but this post is the last official one of the series. It was fun, I really enjoyed protective styling! You see, things which are good for you can definitely be fun too.

So anyway, as the title of this post suggests, this style was literally done in the shower. As you may (or may not) have read in the previous post, my hair was feeling a bit dry so I refreshed it in the shower and proceeded to style my hair right there. I think it took all of five minutes to do lol.

This is a style that I have resorted to a couple times when I had to style damp or wet hair, and it kinda just happened this time. Certainly not planned.

HOTW - done in the shower
How to:

  • section hair into 3 (2 at the top and the third at the back)
  • M&S/ LOC & detangle each section if necessary
  • flat twist/ roll? (I don't know what to call this technique lol) a front section and secure with a bobbypin
  • repeat on the other side
  • gather all your hair into a pony at the back and then form a bun
  • Enjoy for a week

I removed the bobby pins after the style was "set", you can do that too to reduce tension.

I fully enjoyed this series. Thank you all for reading, commenting and sharing.

Have you been protective styling too? Did you enjoy it like I did?


  1. I always air dry my hair ,but sometimes it takes a long time to dry leaving it damp , but i have to try this protective styling it looks really easy. I haven't done it before.

    1. Yes really easy and serves it purpose well.

  2. I love how simple and easy this style is all while protecting and tucking away every strand!

  3. What I do when my hair feels dry (works for my hair) is baggying. I actually baggy every other day. I apply ORS Carrot oil to my new growth first, then the length of my hair. I either hold it in the style I will be rocking the next day or just bun it and then put on a plastic bag over and tie with a head scarf. My hair feels super moisturized the next day.


  4. Nice! I should give this a try man. Enjoy your break girlie!


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