Monday, 18 November 2013

Sleep in it - Pros and Cons of Overnight Deep Conditioning

There are mixed feelings in the healthy hair world about deep conditioning overnight. Some advocate for shorter periods of deep conditioning with the aid of heat, while others say they get great results from it. Let's dissect it.


  • Works well if one is short on (awake) time.
  • Leaves hair really soft next morning.
  • Great at bringing back moisture to hard strands, or hair with too much protein.
  • Has a similar effect as the GHE method (pretty much the same thing except there is a conditioner in your hair), thus acting as a growth aid.


  • Can cause a moisture overload if hair is already super moisturized. This can lead to mushy, breaking hair.
  • Unnecessary as most products have an optimum absorbtion time of 30 mins
  • Itchy scalp afterwards (in some people)
  • You may catch a cold from the constant moisture on your head


If you decide to proceed with overnight deep conditioning sessions, try these few tips to make your experience more pleasant.
  1. If it makes your hair feel mushy, use a conditioner with a little protein like ORS replenishing conditioner or an oil with an affinity for protein like coconut oil. Also start with dry hair which has less moisture thus, preventing a moisture overload.
  2. If your scalp is itchy, try adding an essential oil to the mix like tea tree or peppermint. Also don't apply the conditioner to your scalp, use it on your hair only, and instead, opt for a natural oil on your scalp.

Do you make deep conditioning an all nighter or do you prefer a quickie?



  1. I pre-poo overnight with coconut oil and it does make my hair feel much nicer and easier to detangle. Is there actually any benefit to this?

    1. I certainly believe so. Coconut oil is able to penetrate the strands, it also has an affinity for protein. It therefore acts as both a moisturizer and a strengthener, both integral components of healthy hair. The long overnight session may well leave your hair with more of the aforementioned benefits, leaving you with hair that feels much nicer to the touch.

  2. I went with an overnight deep condition a week or so ago and it was the best thing that I've done for my hair in a really long time. My hair didn't feel like I need to moisturize all week, I didn't have to do a mid-week co-wash, and I had little to no breakage. Now---this doesn't mean that I'm going to overnight deep condition every week, but when my hair feels like it needs a boost in the moisture department, I'll know what to do! Great post chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. I love deep conditioning overnight. It really gives a moisture boost! and with my dry hair, I can never get enough lol

  3. Definitely something for now and then but I do like the feeling the hair gets from over-night DC.

  4. I prepoo overnight with coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil ( mixed with a cheapy conditioner ) I do this every two weeks prior to shampooing my hair the next day , my hair has never experienced any breakage and is very healthy , my hair is waist length and has benefited from overnight prepooing , to each it's own 😊

  5. Caught a cold doing this...but i do love the results as far as my hair is concerned

  6. Caught a cold doing this...but i do love the results as far as my hair is concerned

  7. You dont catch colds from wet hair. You catch them from germs and a weak immune system.

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