Sunday, 20 March 2016

he regresado - trims, breakage & border-line neglect

Good morning!
Happy Sunday!

I got up this morning & randomly decided to blog.
How long has it been??
I didn't even remember how to create a post just now when I came here.

Lots have changed and I have been way too busy in the last few months and blogging just got tossed to the side... but alas, I felt inspired this morning so here I am today.

What's new:

On the personal: I have a new job (not so new anymore) and I am living in a new city and becoming readjusted to the 9-5 life. So far so good.

In terms of my hair, I am still following my routine, however I haven't been as focused as I should. I have been wearing a lot of the usual braid-outs and buns with the occasional straight/ flat-ironed hair thrown in.

My routine:

My routine these days has seen me deep conditioning on the weekends, usually on a Sunday with sporadic overnight DCs beginning on Saturday. I then wash (either co-wash or shampoo, depending on the week) and style. The last couple of weeks saw me throwing my hair in medium sized twists and then into a bun or up-do of some sort. This keeps me from messing with my hair during the week.


In terms of products, I've kept it basic, using for my deep conditioner Aussie 3 Minute Moist, L'Oreal Reparative Smoothing conditioner, Shea Moisture 10-IN-1 conditioner and/or L'Oreal's moisture Rush Masque & Total repair 5 (not pictured). For shampoo, I've been using Shea Moisture's 10-IN-1 conditioner or Tresseme Touchable Softness . I used the Shea Moisture conditioner above as my leave-n and top it off with some natural oils.


My hair now is still between mid-back and waist length... due probably to trims, breakage and border-line neglect lol. I think I'm in a zone now where I wanna grow again and I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Anyway, I think I'm back for good... I hope I'm back for good, so we'll talk and I'll keep you in the know.

lOvE & LiGhT!