Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Knowing When to End it - My 10 Weeks Post New Growth

This is just a short post documenting my new growth at 10.5 weeks post (taken a few weeks ago, I'm 12 weeks post now). I'd say it's about an inch/ inch and a half when semi-stretched. I think this is the perfect amount to avoid both over-lapping and under-lapping while self-relaxing.

10.5 weeks post new growth

With that said, I have decided not to go too much longer before ending my stretch. That, in addition to the fact that I have upcoming engagements for which I want relaxed (easy and manageable) hair. Therefore, this time around I will end my stretch at around 14 weeks post. I have another week of  weekly protective styling, after which I will prepare to and relax. Of course as usual, when the time comes, I will update you on the process and the results.

How many weeks post are you? What's your new growth like? And will you be ending your stretch anytime soon?


  1. I'm personally pushing to 16weeks post as I gear up to do my first self relax. All the best with your touch up.

    1. Yay for achieving such a long stretch, 16 weeks is no easy feat! Your first self-relaxer? Good luck!! I hope it's incident and accident-free!

  2. You have a lot of growth at 10 weeks. I am currently 10 weeks and feel like my new growth is just coming through! oh the frustration of a hair journey! Good luck with your touch up.

    1. I am interested in seeing what yours look like, maybe a post on your blog? lol

    2. Thanks for the kind wishes. And don't be disheartened, my new-growth feels like it sprouts up overnight. I few weeks in I barely have any and then bam! I can barely get to my scalp!

  3. one thing i need to be more diligent with is keeping track of my last relaxer.
    i never know how far along i am and find myself guess-timating far too often...


  4. I self relaxed a month ago.

    Before that, 5 months (24 weeks). I wanted to try for 25, but couldn't take it anymore! The most I went was 6 months and my salon asked if I went to see someone in between because they checked my hair card and saw I hadn't had a relaxer for a while!

    You've got some good new growth!! Great work on the weekly protective styles which is what I need to work on. :)



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