Sunday, 17 November 2013

Just Relax - Best Relaxer for Texlaxing?

So as I mentioned in this post, around this time I start preparing for winter break hair. Continuing the trend, I have been compiling a list of some of the products I'd like to acquire for the upcoming months. I will be getting a relaxer in December at about 21 weeks post to have fresh hair for this winter holiday.

I am faced with a tough decision. You see, I am texlaxed and it's a challenge to get the same texture with each relaxer. I've had 2 relaxers since my HHJ (well 3, one about a month into my journey which has somewhat faded from my memory lol). The first of the 2 I used motions, a relaxer which I had used for many relaxers before. It wasn't a pleasant experience, and it left my hair really underprocessed which I hated at first, but then started to love as I became more knowledgeable about hair. Then last July I decided to try something different and I bought the ORS lye relaxer. The process took much longer than I had imagined and I was left with hair that was much straighter than before. I don't mind the different textures too much as it is not easily discerned, but I'd rather have uniformed hair to keep my hair in an optimal state.

So now I'm ready to acquire some products (which takes some thought since I make a big purchase online to avoid paying for shipping too many times). I'm trying to decide between trying the ORS Lye again (with better time management), switching to the No Lye version (which I hear is somewhat 'weaker'), or going back to the motions which gave me really texlaxed hair the first time around. Decisions, decisions!

What would you do?



  1. I texlax with ORS lye. I used to use ORS no-lye in the past but I had to give it up because it relaxed my hair bone straight and left it limp. No-lye relaxers straighten hair more than lye relaxers because they break more disulfide bonds in the hair shaft. No-lye is weaker in the sense that they're more gentle on the scalp.

    Conversely, lye relaxers process hair faster than no-lye, but do not break as many bonds. Timing is very important when using lye relaxers. From application to rinsing out the relaxer, ORS lye spends 11 minutes on my hair.

    For texlaxing, I recommend a lye relaxer (because you want to reduce processing) but I suggest practicing with conditioner to get your timing right, as well as using shed hairs to test out how long it'll take your hair to process with a lye relaxer to achieve your desired "texlaxedness."

    Ok I feel like I just wrote a book lol. Hope that helps!

    1. Thank you so much for your thorough explanation Jen. It's a big help. I'll go ahead and cop the lye. I definitely think where I fell short was on my time-management skills. I think because I 'diluted' with oil, it was in the back of mind that I had more time.

      I'll definitely do some practicing and by God I'ma get it right this time lol
      Thanks much!

    2. I use ORS no lye (I think. lol the one in the box) and mix it with olive oil. I pre part and base my hair with a heavy grease, then add roux and the neutralizing shampoo on the already relaxed portion of my hair. Then part it in 4 quadrants, then in each quadrant I section off the portion as I would perm it and secure each part with a clip (the ones you use in little girls hair). I do this for all 4 quadrants. so in each quadrant I would have like 8 sections sectioned off pieces. This helps me apply faster as it is already parted off. with this method I am able to relax my hair in about 10 mins. I also apply the relaxer with my fingers, my thumb and pointer finger so I can feel the new growth vs. the already relaxed portion. After I have applied my relaxer I take out all the clips (about 2 mins) I kinda message my scalp then jump into the shower. Doing it this way has given me more uniform results than the traditional part and comb as you go way. Sorry for the long ramble! lol

    3. Thank you for commenting and don't ever be sorry for 'rambling' :-) That's what this space is for.

      Our techniques seem to be pretty similar with the exception of 2 things: 1. I will (continue to) use a lye relaxer 2. I used a relaxer brush to apply the relaxer. But your technique is much better. Last time when I was running out of time, I resorted to using my (gloved) fingers, which turned out to be so much quicker! So that will be my application method of choice next time around.

      Thanks for your explanation and suggestions.


  2. I'm not a texlaxer but I remember using Motions back in the day and hating it because it didn't get my hair straight. Of course I know better now, but I say that to say I would reckon that Motions is perfect for leaving texture in the hair. So if it gave you good results before, stick with it!

    1. I used Motions once and will never use it again. I'm not a texlaxer either, I like my hair being straight. My issue with the Motions however was, regardless of the fact that it was no lye, it burned the living hell out of my scalp, even though I worked fast and based my scalp thoroughly. I'm lucky I didn't get any chemical burns. So, I would recommend going Jeni's route and getting the ORS lye.

    2. I definitely considered that Ebony, but now I'm wondering if Motions left me with a little more texture than I'd like without me cutting down on time or diluting it. The last time I used it, I had to 're-relax' and that still wasn't successful.

      @ Phoenix, I haven't used the no lye version, but the one I used burned too. As a matter of fact, almost all my relaxers burn. I haven't gotten any chemical burns though, just that super irritated feeling while relaxing.

  3. In my last touch-up, I used a new relaxer, ORS Olive Oil Professional Lye Creme Relaxer (Normal Strength), for the first time in almost 6 years. It was an interesting experience to say the least. My scalp burned like crazy for the front half. But it left me with a decent amount of texture. I learned my lesson and mixed it with oil for my back half---had minor irritation and a lot more texture than I was used to. I'm not sure if I'll use it again...Here's a post about my experience: Relaxer Drama

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Your results seem great to me lol Have you adjusted to the texture? I relaxed not long after you, using the same relaxer but I did my whole head at once instead of in front/back like like you. Funny enough I used to relax in halves BEFORE my hair journey, but the relaxer didn't burn too much so I went for the whole head, leaving me with straight hair in some sections. I'm hoping for a better relaxer day next time. Thanks for your input.


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