Thursday, 11 September 2014

Quick Relaxer Update

I relaxed my hair on Thursday, August 28 at 22 weeks post. This session was much like the others and so I'll only do a synopsis. The only difference this time around is that I didn't dilute the relaxer with oil or anything at all, I let the time limit be my key to a non-bone-straight texture.

*photo taken 2 weeks post*

As is customary, I started off by sectioning my hair into the usual quadrants and making 1" sub-sections. I coat the straighter parts of the length of my hair with Vaseline and twist the small section, starting beneath the new growth. I then set the timer for 12 minutes and starting in the front, I used a gloved hand (no applicator, sprush or comb) to apply the cream to my new growth. I finished just before the 12 minutes was up and proceeded to rinse it out. After rinsing and prior to neutralizing, I did a protein treatment using hair mayonnaise (another deviation) as I was out of the product I usually use for this step which is Aphogee 2 minute Reconstructor. Following that, I washed about 3 times using neutralizing shampoo.  The next step was for me to deep condition with a moisture-based product.
The front is a little straighter than the back, but I suppose it's natural since the relaxer was applied there first. I'm learning to accept my different textures. I did not straighten my hair or do any form of length check just because I am on a 6 month length retention journey which ends in December and I don't want to check on my progress before then.
Products used:
  • ORS Lye relaxer
  • ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo & Dark + Lovely's color signal neutralizing shampoo
  • Africa's Best Hair mayonnaise
  • Loreal Power Moisture Moisture Rush Masque
So that's it for my little update, not much has changed.

Relax your hair recently?


  1. would have loved to see the length if not a length check...please

    1. Hey Maame, I will try to post some sort of length pic. But please bear with me as I am still in the midst of my protective styling/ no heat/ length retention challenge. lol. Thnx!

  2. Girlie, props! I need to try to do my own Texlaxing you know, but I'm so scared. When you first did it on your own did it come out well?

    1. Actually Rachel I have been self-relaxing on and off since before my hair journey. I can't even remember when the first time was lol.


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