Friday, 12 September 2014

Your Job is Causing Your Hair to Break!

Now that I am not in a 9-5, I suppose it's a good time to poke fun at all of those who are. I'm kidding!! But looking back I realize that while on the job, we find ourselves in a barrage of situations which can, and indeed will, cause breakage.

For instance:
  1. Above your desk (or in relatively close proximity) is a vent that warms you when it's freezing cold and cools you down when it's painstakingly hot. It's always on and you love it! However, that same AC unit is drying the shiz-ny-ee out of your hair, and we all know dry hair breaks! Your job is causing your hair to break!
  2. You sit at that same desk for about 8 hours a day! You snack when you're hungry and the only exercise you get is walking to the restroom or maybe the office refridgerator. Consequently, you're not in the best of health. And we know strong, healthy hair comes from a strong, healthy body. Your job is causing your hair to break!
  3. Or maybe you have one of those jobs where you are on the road a lot. You let your hair down and let the wind caress your tresses for a bit of relaxation. Or perhaps you skip the wind and opt for the cool air coming from your car's vents. Yup you guessed it... BREAKAGE!
  4. All your day's tasks wore you to pieces! Can you say exhaustion?! You barely made time to rinse your makeup and take a shower. To moisturize and seal doesn't even enter your mind. Yo job is causin' yo hair to break boo!
  5. Conservative is a great way to describe your office. Hence, you sport a bun most if not every day. "Why bother taking it down or moving it around if I gotta put it back tomorrow?" Heh! Your job is causing your hair to break!
  6. Phone calls, clients, meetings, products, co-workers, bosses, deadlines...ohhh the stress of it all. Your job is causing your hair to break.
Well, TGIF right?! If you are in any of the above situations, it has now been brought to your attention and you have 2 whole days to rectify it. Gotta love Fridays!
Is your job causing your breakage?


  1. Girl, this is so true! The combination of stress and the drying AC of late has really contributed to breakage and dryness, I have to work hard to counteract it!

    1. girl don't let no stress or Ac mess up that gorgeous growth you got going on! lol

  2. lol you've made my day! Pre pooing overnight as we speak. Or is that as I write? I'm really tired.

  3. I just feel like stress can make your hair fallout period! Weather it is your job, spouse, etc…Stress is the worst!
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