Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Loving Lately... (2)

This is the second of my loving lately posts. The first was regarding Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water (read more here) and this one is about yet another moisture-based product and that's this deep conditioner here:
L'OREAL Power Moisture - Moisture Rush Mask

It is the L'OREAL Power Moisture - Moisture Rush Mask. My interest in this line was piqued by the Total Repair 5 product, but when I saw this deep conditioner I became more curious about this one since I'm a total moisture freak. (I still want to try the other though.) I picked this up a few weeks ago in MegaMart and have been hooked ever since.
It's claim is that it
instantly infuses moisture into every strand. Locks in intense hydration without weigh-down. Transforms dehydrated hair into silky, soft and manageable... Up to 10X more moisture. 
They ain't lie!! I use it to deep condition (obv!) but I also leave a small amount in my hair as a leave-in/ moisturizer. I really am digging this product!
Have you ever tried L'OREAL Power Moisture Moisture Rush Mask?

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