Saturday, 29 March 2014

Loving Lately...

This is a quick post about a product that I have recently discovered and have been loving (hence the title). What I speak of is the Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water for sensitive skin.

I use this instead of a spray bottle and really appreciate the fine mist it produces. I use it to hydrate both my hair and my face. I love that, unlike with using a spray bottle, my hair and skin are not wet after. It's very gentle and leaves my skin and hair feeling soft. Sometimes I go a step further and sealing in the moisture, but you can find me several times a day just doing a mist-and-go.

It's not a must-have necessarily, but it's nice to have. You can find it on  or on Amazon if you're interested.

Have you tried it? / Would you?


  1. Thanks Abbi. I'm in need of this. And you can get out on the UK. Yay!

    1. good stuff! It really is a nice little product to have around.

  2. yesssss, abbi!
    this reminds me of my time in france - my friends would carry travel size bottles of this and spritz their faces throughout the day.
    i'm all about the whole "when in rome" mindset and soon found myself doing the same.

    thank you for sharing the link - i've searched and couldn't find them anywhere in toronto.
    i've resorted to using evian's facial mist but avène is def superior!



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