Saturday, 19 October 2013

Can't Sleep at Night with You on my Head - GHE/ Baggying

In trying to get my hair to achieve optimal moisture levels, one of the most integral methods I've been using is the GHE. I love it because it is a double win for me as it keeps my hair soft and moisturized, while providing the added benefit of stimulating hair growth. All was well, until not so long ago, when the seasons changed. I started waking up day in and day out with a cold. Then I realized that the GHE method has contributed to this. Needless to say, I have to find another way. What is a good substitute for the GHE? Baggying of course!


What is it?

Baggying is similar to the GHE method as it involves covering the hair with a plastic accoutrement for long periods. The primary difference between GHE and baggying is that with GHE, the whole head, inclusive of the scalp is covered, whereas baggying focuses more on the strands/ ends.

Luckily for me, unlike the last time I protective styled where my hair was braided in the beehive pattern, this time I actually have access to my ends. So, I moisturize my hair in the usual fashion and then put the ends of my braids into a small plastic bag, after which I cover my entire head with my satin scarf and go to bed.

So what about GHE?

I still love this method for its growth benefits, so I will not totally do away with it. I will try to incorporate it into my daytime regimen where I can. That is, for a few hours while I'm awake, I will execute this process, thereby reaping some of the benefits without experiencing the sniffles overnight. I may also revisit this method at a future point when I don't feel so prone to getting colds.

Which do you prefer, GHE or Baggying?



  1. I personally think they are the same thing - I remember the young lady who coined the phrase GHE when she started her hair journey. I remember all the debate surrounding the "differences" and found it comical how worked up folks were getting over it. Whatever you call it...I like doing my whole head!

    1. lol They are definitely very similar. One is baggying your ends while the other is "baggying" your entire head. "Baggying" will moisturize your hair while "GHE" will do that PLUS possibly increase growth rate since it affects the scalp too. To me they are like doing cardio vs weight training, both can get you to lose weight but weight training will give you some muscles in the process.

  2. I haven't used either---but like Ebony I think that they both sound like the same thing.

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. Yeah they are pretty similar, but not totally the same.


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