Sunday, 2 November 2014

Styling an Old Braidout - HOTD

Everyone knows I love a good braidout.
It is definitely my go-to hairdo.
Sometimes I fluff & go, other times I feel like doing a little more.
Here is one of the styles I do at those times:

This style is great on a fresh braid-out and even better on an old one.

 It can also be done on a wash & go or any other curly style.
It's super easy to do. Just make a small section at the front of your head, parting from ear to ear. Secure with a scrunchie or other ponytail holder and then make a bun. Let the rest of your hair hang out and you're free to go about your bizniz!
 What alternate styles do you do on braid-outs?


  1. I'm in LOVE with the Top Knot trend of late, Yours is lovely and your braid out looks FABULOUS girlie! Oh and the hoops, #win :-) Nice post :-D

  2. The top knot that your hairstyle to another level, very cute!

  3. Your braid outs always have the right balance of texture, length, and volume! I want to be like you when I grow up!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  4. Love this braidout! I usually do a high bun after a braidout. Buns with texture give me life!!

    1. Thanks Sunshyne! Can I tell you?! they r everything!

  5. I love this look, Abbi! Very creative and super cute!

  6. your braid outs are always so nice.
    love the top bun!



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