Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Left Me Wanting More - Lotta Body Moisturize Me - Curl & Style Milk

I am a sucker for conditioners and moisturizers!
If I were to hoard anything it would be them. So when I saw that Lottabody, a product that I have been using to do my roller-sets since God knows when, had a new line out which includes a moisturizer, I knew I had to give it a try.
Today I am sharing with you a moisturizer that I have been head over heels for for the past few weeks. Every time I execute the LOC method, this is what I have been reaching for. What I'm speaking of is the
Lotta body

Moisturize Me

Curl & Style Milk (with coconut & shea oils)


Claims: Coconut and shea oils deeply hydrate hair from the inside out, leaving hair soft and nourished with brilliant shine. Moisturize dry, frizzy hair for springy, hydrated curls. Detangles, conditions, and controls curls while adding brilliant shine, body, and bounce.

Product Benefits: Defines curls. Tames frizz. Adds moisture & brilliant shine.

For relaxed & natural hair


How to use:  Apply to damp, towel-dried or dry hair. Distribute evenly through hair with fingers from roots to ends. Style as desired.


Ingredients: The main ingredients on the list (in actual order) are water, shea butter, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol & parfum. (Not bad huh?) It contains both natural and manmade properties. It also contains some lovely oils that are beneficial to your hair.



My Thoughts

This product is nicely packaged in a 8fl oz bottle which has a pump. This makes it very easy to use. (containers with pumps are my faves!). The actual moisturizer is a thick, white, creamy substance which when rubbed between the fingers is easily absorbed. It has a fairly strong smell which lingers just a tad bit, so if you are not big on scents, then this may not be for you. I however, think it smells divine. The fragrance is very tropical and reminds me of a pina colada.
I'm gonna be honest and say that since I've been doing the LOC method on wet or damp hair as opposed to just moisturizing and sealing on dry hair, pretty much all the moisturizers seem to work really well and my hair is on another level of moisture. So needless to say this one got the job done just as good and I have no complaints.
Now this product was free for me for review purposes, but I found it on Amazon for $5.99 and their website lists a few drugstores in which they are available (for as little as $3.99). I definitely think this one is good value for money since I have literally been reaching for nothing else in the past few weeks since I've had it, and the amount hasn't budged much. A little goes a far way and the product will indeed last a long time.

This braid-out (in the previous post) was done using the product. The results was soft, hydrated, nourished, shiny hair.

Overall, I think this is a really nice product that could easily become a staple and I would totally recommend to my friends. Awesome sauce!
Have you tried the Lottabody Moisturize Me Curl & Style milk?


  1. I've been using it these past two weeks and I love it. I found it at my BSS for $3.49 what a steal!!

    1. Awesome sauce! oooh great bargain!

  2. Seems like a great product and if it is only water, sheabutter and glycerine it would be easy to DIY at home!

    1. lol there's a lot more to it Lisa. I just listed 5 or so of the main ingredients.


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