Monday, 10 November 2014

Show & Tell - Crochet Braids

Hey guys!
I'm coming at you with another protective style - crochet braids.
crochet braids - hair  not styled/ straight out the pack
I installed this style on my own on the 4th of November. I actually installed crochet braids once before about 3 weeks ago but wasn't too fond of the outcome and consequently, I have no pictures to prove their existence. It looked good with a hat on and that was about it. I left it in for a week because I had somewhere to be and didn't want to wear busted hair. Thankfully, this time around I like them a lot better. However, I still don't think they'll be in for very long because once again I have an event.
So anyway, about this style:

Braid pattern - I did 12 braids in the front and then I did a semi- beehive pattern in the back. When I did it before and had the back braids going straight back, the ends were too long and thick to hide. (pardon the quality of the upcoming pics)

Hair used - I used 3 packs of kanekalon hair, 2 in number 4 and 1 in number 30 for a pop of color. The brands I used are Bijoux and Outre. The first time I did it I used Xpressions and while I wasn't a fan of the texture initially, after it was hot watered, I was OK with it. On the contrary, I think I preferred my current extensions before the hot-water process as per the first picture (but they are still OK now).
Time it took - I braided my hair down in an hour. Did the 2 sides at the front in an hour and did the back in about 1/ 1.5 hrs. So total time is roughly 3.5 hours.
I think the style would be much easier to wear, had I left some hair out to cover the knots. But I'm working with it as is because I wanted it to be a full protective style where all my hair is covered and protected.
I did both a braid-out and a flexirod set on the extensions, and while I liked both styles, the braidout left the ends really tangled, I had to cut them off. The flexirod, after being brushed out, left me with a natural-looking wavy result.
Overall, this style is decent. There is quite some tangling (can be brushed out though) and shedding. I'm not crazy about it, but it works. I did the LOC method before braiding and the GHE method at nights. Can I tell you just how soft and MOISTURIZED! my hair was the last time I took them down?! Heavenly.
Have you ever tried/ are you planning to try crochet braids?


  1. "I have no pictures to prove their existence" LOL. I know that feeling! I have the same thing happening.. I'm redoing mine as well lol

  2. That's alot of hair you have there. I have always wanted to try crochet braids.

    1. lol sure is. I did some cutting & styling to work it out.

  3. these came out great.
    i've been seeing more and more crochet braids on pinterest and the like.
    were they hard to install?


    1. They weren't bad @ all. My only issue was that I didn't do a leave out & I wasn't too pleased with the knots showing.
      Wasn't hard at all, really simple. Took about 3 or so hrs though.

  4. This is amazing. Are you able to wear your party anyway you desire? Did you have to do any type of layering? I love the mass of it!


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