Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Loving Lately... (3)

I'm back with another post about one thing I am currently loving, and this post is all about the LOC method.

I've talked about this method previously, and I was kind of on the fence about it in terms of the order which worked better for me, how to use it and what products are great for this method.
The other day I read a post on BGLH (that unfortunately I can't seem to find to link to this post) and decided to give it another shot.

After a wash (or co-wash), I'd t-shirt dry until about 60 - 70% dry, i.e water is left in my hair which is my ingredient for the L part of the process. Then I coat my damp hair in coconut oil to seal in the moisture. Following that, I go in with a layer of creamy conditioner. I have been using Shea Moisture Restorative conditioner and I absolutely love the results. My hair stays moisturized for dayyyyyyssssss. lol.
coconut oil + Shea Moisture Restorative conditioner - the O & C ingredients for the LOC method
I am running out of the aforementioned conditioner though, so I executed the process replacing the Restorative conditioner with Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-in conditioning cream (Garnier, a shorter name plz?!), and I got the same wonderful results.
Garnier Fructis Leave-in cream is a substitute for the Restorative conditioner in the LOC Method
 I'm really loving the LOC, in that order! (momma D's voice lol)

What has changed?

I think sticking with the LOC rather than the LCO worked well. And also, doing this method straight out of the shower, as opposed to a few days later (when the hair has already been dried out) when I am moisturizing and sealing.
Has the LOC method worked for you?


  1. Great Post. I'm I prefer the LCO method. But all in all the LCO or LOC metod is important to retain moisture in hair.

    1. Thanks Evalyne. I used to as well but now it's all about the LOC

  2. I use the LOC method and It works for me.:)


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