Monday, 27 October 2014

6 Reasons We Don't Have the Hair We Want

    Last week I wrote an article about the basics of growing long, healthy hair which was geared towards those ladies who are fairly new to the hair journey world and don't quite have their footing. This article runs in the same vein but is directed at us ladies who have been doing this for a little while, but overlook some of the small things that could really make a difference in our hair lives. I came up with six small things that we may not comply with all the time that could potentially make or break our HHJs. Here we go:

  1. You don't deep condition (at all or often enough). I've said it time and time again deep conditioning is the cornerstone of my hair journey. I believe that deep conditioning acts as the foundation to one's regimen. It can totally rebuild, repair, and restore moisture to your strands.
  2. Your detangling routine isn't on point. Almost everyone on a hair journey should know the proper way to detangle. Start from the ends, use a wide tooth comb etc etc. But there are many of us who still don't follow these rules 100% of the time (myself included :-/ lol). Proper detangling techniques can mean the difference between your hair laying on the floor or staying on your head.
  3. You haven't achieved your moisture/ protein balance. This one is not as simple as the first two. It took me a good year (maybe even more) to find the balance within my hair. My advice to you is to make more use of moisture-providing products and techniques than you do protein. When your hair is truly moisturized, add in a little protein now and then. Don't just ignore the dry feeling your hair has, it could end up being extremely detrimental. Read up on my "battle" and "triumph" where the balance is concerned.
  4. You don't seal in your moisture. This is one of those small things that really does make a huge difference. Moisture (water) on its own, evaporates and dissipates very quickly, leaving your hair dry and vulnerable to breakage. Sealing or locking that moisture into your strands will be ensure that the moisture lasts until your next M&S session. Or better yet skip the M&S and go for the LOC!
  5. You don't wear a satin scarf to bed (or sleep on a satin pillowcase). Another very simple activity that can do wonders for your hair. Again preventing dry hair will in turn prevent breakage, resulting in great-looking hair. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase or wearing a satin scarf to bed ensures that your hair is not dried out while you sleep. Cotton is very absorbent and sucks the moisture from your tresses. Satin on the other hand prevents this.
  6. You use lots of heat. It's no doubt that freshly flat-ironed hair is the bizniz! However, going overboard will put your hair out of business. Heat tools are another culprit of dryness and breakage. Use heat only after hair has been washed and deep conditioned. The less you use it the better for your hair.
    I hope you aren't guilty of any of the above. Until next time, ttyl.


  1. Very good tips on achieving the hair you want. I am definitely going to make sure that I pay close attention to these and do them consistently.

  2. Great post and great tips! I'm definitely guilty of straying from some of these (moisturizing daily...I get lazy and moisture/protein balance is still a work in progress for me though I try to err on the side of moisture. A 7th item could be protective styling/low manipulation. It's fun to style your hair but constant manipulation could be problematic!

    1. Thanks Andrea. Absolutely! Protective/ manipulation styling are indeed responsible for much of my length retention.


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