Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Thirst is Real!! - Dry Hair

I've had dry hair since the start of my hair journey and perhaps even before. I didn't worry much about it as I have never suffered any setbacks because of it. My hair has grown and I have retained a lot of length. I just figured constant M&S was part of the game. I'd moisturize and seal in the morning and in the evening my hair would still be dry!!! So I'd M&S again at night, and still wake up with dry hair. Last summer, I used vegetable glycerin for the first time, it helped, but it's effectiveness waned with time. What's a girl to do?

Recently I started becoming annoyed and discontent with this persistent dryness and got to thinking. Could I be that I'm suffering from too much protein in my hair??
I'd perform a strand test but I don't have access to any strands as my hair is braided up. Anyway, protein overload or not, it's obvious that something needs to done. So for the next 3 months, until my next relaxer, it's out with the protein and in with the moisture. This is how I intend to overcome it.


Removing all products which are protein-containing, protein-loving or strengthening from my regimen. If it contains a hint of protein, in the file 13 box it goes. That is, no coconut or avocado oil, forget the avocado or banana DCs, none of my favorite DCs from ORS, bye bye Aphogee, sayonara Cantu Shea Butter, see you later henna! Even my beloved LeKair and Queen Helene cholesterol conditioners have to go (cholesterol contains a small amount of protein).


Instead I will employ a simple moisturizing regimen using about 7 products:

  • Pre-poo - EVOO, grapeseed and/or jojoba oil
  • Shampoo - ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo
  • DC - Aubrey's Honeysuckle Rose
  • Condition - Tresseme's Moisture Rich
  • Leave in - A diluted form of one of the aforementioned conditioners
  • Detangler - Mane 'n Tail detangling spray


Additionally, I'll co-wash at least once per week (not including my regular weekend wash/cowash) to add moisture, particularly helpful since the cold months are upon us.

I will clarify 2X per month to rid myself of excess protein.

I will also use the Green House Effect (GHE) technique every single night until I observe a change in my hair.

Wish me luck!

Do you suffer from dry hair? How do you counteract it? Please share your tips.



  1. I suffer from dry hair because of protein overload. I got rid of the stuff i own that include protein, which means my m-s doesn't help at all

    1. Same here Ama B. I decided to fix it and thank God it's getting better. I didn't get rid of my protein-containing products though, as I intend to incorporate small amounts of protein when the issue is totally corrected. I hope you will find some good moisturizing products that work for you. Good luck!


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