Monday, 9 December 2013

Soft, Supple and Smooth - Hair Update

I'm in love. I really am. Here I am at work, my hair is in a half up/ half down style. But I'm conscious about the fabrics and their interaction with my hair, so I decided to pull it up and off my clothes. After doing so, I had to stop and write this post! The hair I gathered to put into a 'bun' was sooo soft and moisturized! and in winter at that! It has never felt softer and more moisturized since...probably ever, but certainly since my hair journey.

Enjoying the soft, moisturized feel a few weeks ago :-)

Too much of a good thing is a bad thing

I took my dry hair issue into my hands about 3 months ago. Prior to that I'd moisturize and seal once or twice daily and would still suffer from dry hair. I deduced that my problem was a protein overload, so I drastically reduced, if not cut protein out of my hair regimen along with other practices.

How I did it
+ Reduced/ eliminated protein
+Overnight deep conditioning as often as I could fit into my schedule (Aubrey's Honeysuckle rose// Queen Helene Cholesterol cream// EVOO, grapeseed, castor,tea tree, peppermint and rosemary oils )
+ Hot oil/ prepoo treatment (with EVOO &/ Grapeseed oil) with every wash
+ Clarifying frequently with ORS creamy Aloe shampoo
LOC  LCO method once a day (water, conditioner,EVOO+grapeseed)
+ Protective styles

Moving Forward
Since the beginning of operation moisture, I haven't done a single protein treatment, whether mild or strong. I'm a mixer of deep conditioners, and I haven't blended a single banana or avocado, nor have I added any eggs or mayo. Even coconut oil got the boot. However, that will soon change as relaxer day is approaching. I'll have to do protein treatments for 3 successive weeks :-? The week before to fortify, the week of as a mid relaxer step, and the following week as follow-up step. I'm a little nervous as my hair has been doing so well without it these past weeks. What I intend to do is do very! mild treatments the weeks before and after using ORS replenishing condiioner and/or HaiRepair (prob mixed with a moisturizing deep conditioner) and for my mid-relaxer process step, I'll opt for the Aphogee 2 minute. Thereafter, I will refrain from using protein for at least four weeks. After that I'll play it by ear. At least now I know what my hair should feel like (not that dry mess I was experiencing before) so if it deviates from this soft, moisturized feeling, then I will take swift action.

I am really happy with how far I've come and I am once again in love with my hair.

Have you experienced protein overload? How did you overcome it?



  1. Yay for super moisturized tresses! Your hair looks amazing btw!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. IKR the drought is over and I'm happy! Thanks love!


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