Thursday, 18 September 2014

Maximum Length Retention - My Current Routine

You may remember that I am on a self-imposed 6 month "no-heat + protective styling" retention-focused challenge. So far it's been going quite well. I already introduced to you how I had been wearing my hair for work-outs and for maintaining healthy hair, i.e twists. I wore them for about 4 weeks pre-relaxer, and at 2.5 weeks post relaxer, here I am rocking twists again. I can't help it! They are just such a convenient and sensible do.

So today, I am sharing with you my weekly routine and the steps I take to retain maximum length:
  1. Deep condition 1x per week, choosing between a moisture or protein-based treatment as I see fit. More often than not though, I am reaching for a moisturizing deep conditioner. Recently L'OREAL Power Moisture Rush Mask has been the fave. Followed by either a co-wash or a shampoo.
  2. T-shirt and air-dry, then install twists. (Sometimes twists get installed the following day due to my laziness busy schedule.)
  3. Mist the ends of the twists (and dust them once a month or so) , following that with a coating of heavy oil (castor oil used so far) and put twists in a bun.
  4. Co-wash approximately every other day primarily to rinse away sweat, adding moisture in the process.
  5. Twists remain super moisturized, so moisturize as needed, usually every other day after washing.
  6. Baggy at least once per week.
** Additionally, I intend to remain consistent with my supplementation. I am currently ingesting a multivitamin and a biotin tablet daily, along with other supplements on a less consistent basis including fish oil and a tablet containing calcium, magnesium, & zinc. I also intend to include MSM somewhere along the journey but it's so difficult to get a hold of in Jamaica.
This is actually my first week with the twists back in since I relaxed my hair. I am hoping to continue to execute this routine until December with a few breaks in between to try different styles and break up the monotony.
What do you do to ensure maximum length retention?


  1. Hi Abbi... nice regimen. I also keep my hair in twists everyday and wear wigs. But my best length retention routine is finger detangling exclusively. It has helped me retain so much length. I think you should try it and see how it turns out.

    1. I love finger detangling but I'm a little OCD about getting "fully" detangled with a comb. Maybe I should make a real effort to only finger detangle!

  2. Hi Abbi, how do you get the twists to stay twisted and not loosen up? I tried braids and twists for washing and before I finish applying my pre-poo it's all loosened..

    1. Hey Noelle, I did the rope or Senegalese version where you lightly twist the 2 strands around themselves before twisting around each other. This helps them to stay twisted. But if they do come loose, I just twist them back up.


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