Thursday, 28 August 2014

Top 7 Ways to Speed up Hair Growth

Many, if not most, articles are focused on length retention rather than hair growth and rightly so, since hair grows as long as you are healthy. Hair typically grows at a rate of 1/2 inch per month, but that's just an average. So if your rate is much lower and you want to speed it up, listen up!

A Balanced Diet. The first way to increase your hair's growth rate is to eat a healthy balanced diet. Remember, our hair and skin are the last to receive nutrients, so if the more important organs are using up all you give your body, then there won't be much left to help you grow out your hair. Also ensure that you drink lots of water.
Exercise. The second way is to include exercise into your hair growth regimen. The reason for this is that physical activity gets the blood pumping around the body, carrying with it nutrients to feed cells, including our hair follicles. Scalp massages and the inversion method work in the same way, but exercise is a more potent way to increase blood flow to the scalp.
Supplements. There are some vitamins and minerals that are necessary for hair growth that we may not be getting enough of. Supplementation is a good way to provide our body with that which we don't get from our food. Biotin, MSM, Fish oil, magnesium etc. are all great for hair growth. Juicing is also a great way to get much-needed nutrients.
Growth aids. Although this may take lots of trial and error since everyone's body chemistry is different, the right growth aid will indeed cause your hair to grow faster. Some popular, tried and true growth aids range from Gro-aut oil  to monistat (yes monistat!!).
Green House Method. The green house effect works in a similar way for hair as it does for plants. The plastic cap traps the heat, produces moisture, thereby creating an environment which promotes growth.
Healthy Scalp. Keep a clean, healthy scalp. Dirt on the scalp can block your pores, preventing strands from emerging from the follicles.
Disease-free. Ensure you have no medical conditions which impede hair growth. Certain conditions (like stress) will prevent your hair from growing at an optimal rate.
What method do you use for increasing your growth rate?


  1. Really nice concise post. Gosh wouldn't it be nice if this was more "common knowledge" especially the basic diet and exercise part. Ppl just look at a hair type and assume it won't grow, I was constantly told that and bbelieved it too until I started doing research online and found and found lots of ladies with all kinds of hair types growing long healthy relaxed/natural hair. I was immediately hooked! What was the big secret that the world has kept from me?! Lol, and to think it all comes down to these simple steps u outlined and I think the "belief" that it can grow. Lol looooong comment I know! Great post Abbi!

    1. hahaha Knowledge really is power! I think back in Ja around mostly black people I am reminded of just how ignorant some people are about their own hair and what's crazy is I was there too. There was a point where I didn't know half as much as I do now. I really hope to reach more people and educate them on these simple facts. Thanks for your comment hun.

  2. YES YES YES! Excellent post and things I need to remind myself especially now that I'm cutting just as much as I'm growing!

    1. Thanks Ebony. I can't wait for an update on your progress.

  3. Great Post! Its the simple things that make our hair grow.

  4. The green house method is a new concept for me and I find this quite intriguing for it is avoided to use hot water on your hair and yet you should put a plastic cap on it thus heating it up. Not sure it actually works but love to a follow up on that. Also, I found these nifty tips for faster hair growth that would really of great help to your longer hair journey.


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