Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Heat is on - Greenhouse Effect

In my post about the dryness I have been experiencing, I said that I will employ this technique to infuse moisture into my strands. But can it also be used as a growth aid? What is this technique all about?

Greenhouse Effect
Well remember, in science class we learnt that this is the natural process by which the atmosphere traps some of the Sun's energy, warming the Earth enough to support life (and obviously growth).

Many also use this technique to grow plants and now, you guessed it, we use it to grow our hair (no surprise there! lol).

GHE involves applying moisture or oils to our hair and scalp (some skip this step as sebum production is encouraged by this method) and then covering with a material which is impenetrable by air, such as a plastic cap or cling film. It traps the heat, and coupled with the moisture applied, a steamy environment is achieved. To increase the effectiveness, you can use two caps, a scarf, or a winter hat. Many claim to have their growth rate increased using this method. While the increased moisture it produces in the hair is what I'm really after, the increased growth rate is definitely a beneficial bi-product. Who doesn't want more growth?! It is not recommended to do this too often as it may lead to a moisture-overload, but with my dry hair, every night until my condition improves is how often I intend to use this method.

This will a big part of my regimen for the next 12 or so weeks. I hope it works, I think it will.

Have you ever tried this technique? Any success?



  1. I've used it, but mostly I simply baggy my ends because my body creates so much heat that if I cover my whole head my hair isn't slightly damp the next morning, it's freaking wet! It is create for creating extra moisture though and baggying my whole head is awesome before an intense protein treatment, so as to prevent protein overload.

    1. haha I see. I rarely baggy my ends since I'm long-term protective styling, so my hair is braided up. But I love the extreme moisture I get from GHE. Doing it before a protein treatment is a good idea for preventing an overload.


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