Sunday, 11 May 2014

Results of Last Wash Day

So last wash day I told you I had experimented with smaller sectioned flexi rods.
I left them in for about 7 hours and since I no longer have a hooded dryer (threw it out when I was leaving Japan), I had to make use of my hand-held dryer (which was quite tedious).

These are the results:

The actual curls weren't bad. I liked it. But my hair was really dry!
In addition to that, it rained on and off that night while I was out, and my hair was left in a dry, poofy, not-so-pretty state. So I ended up co-washing the following morning.

My hair has been kinda dry lately and I think adding that gel for hold only worsened the situation. I am really ready to have soft hair back :-( lol and I really need to figure out how to get some hold in my styles so they can last more than a quick minute. Those are definitely the two things I'm struggling with right now. 

Are you struggling with anything in your HHJ at the moment?


  1. Have you tried DR Bronners Lavender and coconut hair créme? It is all natural. Gives both hold and moisture.


  2. Maybe you should give the Dark & Lovely curling soufflee a try. It gives my hair a decent hold without leaving my hair dry and crunchy. I'm curerntly struggling with wishing I had more length that I do right now. I swear my hair isn't growing, but when I look at old pictures I know that's not true!

  3. Oh my goodness, my hat off to you for using your handheld! Maybe you can order one of those bonnet attachments for your dryer? Anyway despite your troubles your hair looks great!

  4. Hey there, you should check out the hard water in your area, certain places in Jamaica have super hard water (I am STRUGGLING with this ish rn). So something to consider at least.

  5. The results are sooooo pretty!
    And I agree with anonymous above. When I first moved to Houston, my hair (which was NEVER dry) got dried out soooo bad from the water. I got a filter and it fixed it almost immediately.


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