Friday, 9 May 2014

Fitness Friday Frolic - That Juice-y Juice-y

I am linking up with the lovely KLP, Britt and Ebony to do yet another fitness Friday post 'cuz I been juicing, I been juicing (Yonce's voice lol).

Girrrrll let me tell you.... I had been saying to my mom how much I was needing a juicer since I got to Ja. Then last week when I had that lovely beetroot, carrot and cucumber juice after yoga, I was straight fiending. Then one day I looked under the cupboard and what did a find? A motherfreaking juicer!!! I was like why oh why didn't you tell me?! She claims she forgot it was there. That was earlier this week and mayynn! I been juicing ever since.

I usually do a combination of carrots, cucumbers, oranges and ginger, or some variation thereof. I like the carrot by itself and the orange too. But be warned... cucumber only tastes like satan's anus really gross.

But yeah, I usually get up and have a glass of water with some ACV and then it's on to my freshhh juice. It literally tastes like heaven in a glass. I can almost feel the nutrients going down my esophagus and then my body starts pulling a Pharrell.

For my friend's who've been hiding under a rock, here's the 411 on juicing.

What's your favorite juice combo?


  1. Lmao @ "satan's anus."
    I never would've guessed it'd be nasty - cucumbers taste so good to me!

  2. OMG I'M JUICING TOO!!!! However - I can't drink any veggies alone. They have to have SOME fruit in it...I'm not that disciplined yet. I'm on day 2 of my cleanse and originally I was only gonna do 3 days but I'm going for 5 now. I use the pulp for a smoothie the next day just so things aren't wasted - you have any creative pulp ideas?

  3. I'm dying over here @ Satan's anus! Girlllll you betta stop playing! Ha-ha!

    I'm not a juicer but I do drink carrot juice every day. I heart that stuff!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

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