Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Haul Update

I was about to do another "New In" post, when I realized that I haven't yet come back to speak on my experiences with the products from my last haul. So this post will serve to do just that. Let's jump in->

  1. Queen Helene cholesterol cream - this is an old favorite that seems to not be working as well in the hot, kinda' humid Jamaican climate. I must admit though, I have been slacking with the addition of the many oils I used to, so maybe that's the reason for my lacklustre results.
  2. Organics Hair mayonnaise - This is semi-new, in that I had used it pre-hair journey, and tried it for the first time last month. The results were so-so. I'm not a lover of protein so it would take a miracle for me to love that product lol.
  3. peppermint essential oil - I think I picked up the wrong one lol. The one I have seems to be the edible type for stomach troubles. It's just weird!
  4. 100% Jamaican castor oil - This was OK when added to my DC mixes, but when used as a sealant, it just sits on my hair. yuck!
  5. Pantene truly Relaxed hair; Intense Moisturizing Shampoo - Smells pretty good but really drying. Should be OK if mixed with conditioner, but I haven't gotten around to that.
  6. Lottabody Setting Lotion - did what it's supposed to (I guess).
  7. Aussie moist conditioner  - Not bad. I'd give it a 7.5 out of 10. I used it to co-wash and of course as an instant conditioner in my normal wash day routines.
  8. Finally is the HEHH (with coconut essences) - IDK, I can't say I have been totally wowed by this conditioner. I feel like as an instant conditioner, I have to used a whole lot in order to get the slip I desire. As a result, I have resorted to using it as a detangler/ moisturizer and it works superbly in the category.
So that's what I think of the products in my last buy. 
What would I repurchase? Probably numbers 7 and 8. But not right now, I'm gonna test the waters first. Numbers 3 & 4 I'm going to look for in other brands.

Have you had the same experience as I did with any of the above products? 
Any tips or fixits?


  1. I haven't really tried much of what you named but if I can't get them to work as-is with little effort, it's a wrap. I have so many products that are great, good and ok. The greats I will repurchase. The goods and oks never really make the cut. I have tried Lottabody but don't use it anymore. HE and Aussie seemed to have irritated my acne. Sorry I wasn't much help.
    Divachyk | Relaxed Thairapy

  2. For oils you can try the clear Benjamin's Castor oil.. It's less expensive and soaks into my hair easily or good ol' EVOO. I tried peppermint oil but had to shelf it because the smell was so overpowering and didn't do much for my itchy scalp. Tresseme moisture conditioners and Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment as a DC works for me. Happy Hauls.


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