Friday, 16 May 2014

I've Been a Bad Girl

Recently it hit me that my current hair woes (dry hair), may be due, not to the change in climate or to the new (and not-so-new) products I have been experimenting with, but to my actions, or lack thereof. You see, ever since I came back home to Jamaica, I have been just plain lazy keeping it simple with my hair. 

Take for instance my deep conditioner. In my last postI stated that my long time  deep conditioner (Queen Helene) has not really been working its magic on my hair. I realized then that I had not been as diligent as I should with adding oils, edibles (avocado, banana, honey...), and even other conditioners to it. In my review of the Queen Helene cholesterol cream, I stated that the conditioner was at best so-so without the add-ons. Boy was I right! Needless to say, I am back to adding the good stuff in.

Next on the list of awesome things I used to do before I returned to Ja. is overnight deep conditioning. Now, not everyone is a fan of this, but for me it works wonders to moisturize and soften this mane. These days however, I have been co-washing and doing mini DC sessions. My hair is bawling for those all-nighters! Don't worry, I recommenced this too.

Protective styling - Well, I would be too hard on myself if I said I didn't protective style at all. I have rocked a bun for workouts and on a few other occasions when it was raining or my hair was just not ready to be worn down. 

But that's nothing compared to my last protective styling stint which lasted almost 3 months (Jan - March). I will make an effort to protective style a little more. 

Baggying - I'm not the baggy queen by any means, but I did try to get at least one night of baggying in per week. Since I've been here I've probably gotten one in over the 6 weeks! I know, I know...I'll get to it.

Another thing I haven't done in a while is dilute my shampoo with either oil or water and then apply it to my hair in an applicator bottle. It's just been squirt in palm, apply to hair, lather and rinse. (Man I'm really slacking)

Oh yeah, I haven't done a hot oil treatment in forever.

With that looong list of not-so-great things, I feel compelled to share some of the good stuff:
  • I haven't neglected pre-pooing
  • I haven't skipped a week of deep conditioning
  • I co-wash once or twice a week (mostly due to my strenuous work-outs)
  • I haven't used heat in 6 weeks
  • I do low-manipulation styles (+ the occasional protective style)
  • I am always really gentle with my hair
  • I have been trying out many new products in hopes of making my hair happy :-) 

Pardon my major attempt at diverting the attention from all the wrongs I've been doing to my hair :-)

*This is one of the reasons blogging (or keeping a hair journal) is so useful. It provides a space for reflection. I knew I wasn't doing all the things I used to and should do, but I really didn't realize just how many things I was neglecting. 

Well now that I know what I have been doing (or better yet haven't), I know what I need to do!

Have you been keeping to all the things that your hair thrived on, or have you been slipping like me? 

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