Friday, 8 November 2013

My Substitute... for Flexi Rods

I love curly hair! You may remember in this post I listed flexirods as one of the things I've been dying to get my hands on but couldn't find anywhere where I live. I went to the 100yen shop and found some foam gadgets that I thought may well work as a substitute.

foam rollers (found in Japan)

I bought them a few weeks now and finally gave them a whirl some days ago. I really didn't spend much time installing them. I barely finger detangled, I used no combs. Then I made about 6 sections, moisturized and sealed and rolled my hair unto the device. I slipped my hair through the middle opening and then continued wrapping my hair around it as I would with a flexirod. When I got to my ends, I slipped them back through the middle to secure it and bent the foam to insert the end into the hole at the top.

installed foam rollers/ initial take-down

I left them in overnight and baggied my head as well. The next day I took the plastic cap off and let the rollers remain until they were dry. While I don't think the results are like that of flexirods necessarily, I think if I used more than 6 foam rollers, the results would be more comparable. However, I liked the spiral curls I got. Take a look.

foam roller set - front

foam roller set - side

Up-do for the gym

For my girls who live in Japan, who want this look but can't find flexirods, they are worth the try. They come 3 in a pack for 100yen (about 1 us $). While they are fairly reasonable, the foam is a bit fragile and will not last nearly as long as the flexirods would. 

 damage to the upper part of the middle opening

The damage could also be due to my thick, 14+ weeks post hair.

Anywhoo, yayy for curls!



  1. gosh those curls are pretty!

  2. how creative, it turned out great!!

    1. mmm, not super creative lol they are meant for hair, I just put my own spin on them. Thank you!

  3. Your hair looks great, I love the curls!

  4. Your hair came out really pretty! And they don't look like they are as uncomfortable to sleep in as flexi rods. Looks like you've got yourself a win-win with these substitutes.

    1. Thank you! That's right, they are super comfortable, I didn't feel a thing. yup, win-win :-D

  5. Great results indeed! Your curls look great!

  6. Very pretty!! I saw these the other day in our Pound shop and will now go back and buy a few!!


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