Tuesday, 20 May 2014

New In

I'm literally about to run out the door to head to the airport (my sister is bringing forth a little bundle of joy in FL yayyyyy), and I know I will be doing some hair shopping there. So before I forget, here are the last few things I bought here in Ja.:

VO5 moisture milk conditioner, NTM Daily Deep Conditioner, Ginseng Wonder 8 Oil

As you may know by now, I feel like I am on a totally new hair journey as my hair is behaving very differently than it did back in Jp. Also I didn't have ready access to many products in Japan, so I wanna see what's out there. I am on the hunt for some products that can do the damn thing on my hair; you know, some *holy grail*. Hence the experimentation. And I promise, once I find those that work I will stick to them. Until then, please excuse the junkyism. 

Remington Hot Rollers

Oh yeah, I bought this (Remington Hot Rollers) the last time I was there. I used it on me niece's hair once, but haven't yet used it on mine. When I do I'll tell you how good (or bad) it is.

That's all folks!

Have you had any luck with the above products?


  1. I have never asked anyone this but how do you use the hot rollers? :p

    1. Hey Christie, I have a post you can check out: http://belowthawaist.blogspot.com/2014/06/remington-hot-rollers-love.html#.VAs3VJ4g_IU


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