Friday, 2 May 2014

Curly vs. Straight - Not Another Relaxed Debate!

We've seen it time and time again, the natural versus relaxed hair debate. I love both forms. As most people may know, I am chemically treated but love natural hair and intend to go (back) natural at some point. This post is actually geared towards my texlaxed girls in an effort to share my experience, and to hear about yours, regarding people's reaction to how you style your hair.

The other day when I met my boyfriend at the airport in Tokyo to fly home to Jamaica, I was rocking freshly flat-ironed hair (you may remember seeing it in this post). We got into a conversation about hair and he expressed to me that he likes it straight (flat-ironed), but likes it even more curly (braid-outs). Now this took me by complete surprise, because I always thought men liked straight hair better (IDK). Granted, I was happy he said that, because that means I won't feel compelled to straighten as often, leaving me with healthier hair.

Fast forward a couple weeks to where my oldest sister keeps insisting that my hair is natural. And suggesting that it needs to be straightened a little more. She hasn't outright said it, but I can tell she prefers a straighter look on herself and on everyone else.

My mom on the other hand, loves my hair as is and said she wouldn't want to see me straighten it any more than this. She loves the impression it gives of being 'natural', low-maintenance, " I woke up like this" hair.

I've only had my hair "straightened" once in the almost four weeks I've been home. The results of a rollerset (which didn't stay super straight for long) and I still get many many compliments (on my un-straightened hair). Which means there are lots of people who can appreciate the not-so-straight, not-quite-natural look. I even had one photographer inquire if I'm interested in being photographed for book covers and hair product lines. However, it is also evident that there are those who still can't think outside the Organic Root Stimulator Box.

All in all, I love my texlaxed hair. I hate how difficult it is to achieve uniform textures with each relaxer. But I love how, versatile, strong, resilient, and beautiful my in-between hair is. Y'all don't phase me! lol

 What kind of feedback have you gotten regarding your texlaxed hair?


  1. Lol I can totally relate to this. A lot of people still do not understand what texlaxing is, so when I tell people I'm relaxed they are confused by the amount of texture in my hair. Your hair is awesome, keep doing what's right for you and the health of your hair :)

  2. I think texlaxed hair is brilliant! It really gives you a lot of the best of both worlds. I hope to start switching to texlaxing, hopefully my hairdresser is amenable...

  3. *Raises Hand* You wrote the story of my life chica. Everyone in my family thinks that I'm natural. My four year old told me that she didn't like my straight hair because it didn't look like hers. My hubby is completely unimpressed with my flat ironed hair. I've even seen ppl pinning my hair styles on Pinterest as "natural." I've stopped trying to explain that my hair is texlaxed. *hangs head*

    Just keep doing what works for you chica and let the haters hate.

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  4. People think I'm natural also, depending on the attitude I won't even correct them lol. Texlaxed hair is the best of both worlds I love it so that's all that matters as far as I'm concerned.

  5. This is exactly why you should make sure you wear you har the way YOU Want. People Will always have opinions and suggest this or that but it is whatyou like yourself that is important :)

    There is a new wave of bloggers goong natural now and i understand why. Lots of people mostly wear braid outs and similanr hair styles. Relaxing your hair only to spend time making it curly again is only waisting time.

  6. I totally relate. I have this one friend who is always asking "you have new growth already!" every time she sees me even if its after several months. All because of the texture I have on my head. I don't even explain that I'm texlaxed because she wont understand. But I rock my hair how I want. Rock it girl!

  7. yessssssss!
    i've come to the conclusion that my hair is just that, MY HAIR.
    and i will do with it what i please.
    (does that even make sense, haha).


  8. UGH! I'm so over it. Sometimes I think people like seeing you wear your hair "different" than how they are used to seeing you, but I'm soooo over the relaxed vs. natural thing...its crazy!

  9. Im texlaxed n i alwys get people telling me my hair didnt process after a relaxer.they just don't get it. And i totally relate to how difficult it is to achieve even
    texture with every relaxer .
    Great post


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