Sunday, 27 April 2014

Drought up Top - hAloe Hydration!

My hair is dry again!

I really hate dry hair, so I've been trying out a few things to quench my hair. I don't want to just buy every moisturizer out there, so I've been experimenting and DIYing to find a suitable weapon to combat the dryness. 

First up: hAloe Hydration

DIY hair moisturizer - hAloe Hydration

This mixture consisted of:

  1. Hello Hydration conditioner
  2. Aloe Vera juice
  3. Glycerin
  4. water

I used one Aloe vera leaf/stalk(?). I extracted the inner part with my knife and blended it, adding nothing. It resulted in a semi-thick liquid.

I combined all the ingredients in a bowl until the consistency was that of a runny conditioner. (I forgot to snap a pic of the ingredients combined)I used it in my hair twice, but I don't feel like it quenched my thirsty hair at all. I don't know which ingredient wasn't doing its job, but I wasn't satisfied. Additionally, I could see small white particles in my hair (when it was dry) after applying this mix. Needless to say, I have to wheel n' come again because that mix just wasn't "it"!

I'll be trying out something new to find the perfect match for my dry hair, so please stay tuned.

Ps. Forgive the erratic posting, I guess I wasn't as settled as I thought lol. So much to do and so little time...

What is your sure-fire way to relieve thirsty hair in a flash? Help a sister out ;-)


  1. Hi Abbi,
    I have been using Prettywitty77's mix for about a week and so far so good. Hello hydration, vegetable glycerin, water and then seal with a jojoba oil/coconut oil. I also tried tried the LOC method with this mix and ORS Hair Moisturizer. Good luck!

  2. I love aloe vera juice, avocado oil and hello hydration. I think I should look into glycerin.

  3. Alex Raventhorne27 April 2014 at 19:22

    Prepoo with olive oil for 1 to 2 hrs before washing my hair makes it less prone to dryness. Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer Extreme is also good but tend to not use so much as my hair is happier with more natural products.

  4. We are in the same boat Abbi, I'm looking out for suggestion also.

  5. Hey Abi here are some ways I try to infuse moisture
    Overnight pre-poo - coconut oil root to tip, then baggy
    Dc - I love adding honey, coconut milk (can) or a banana to my DC to up the moisturising ante
    Leave in - again I love coconut oil as a sealer bc it sofens + moisturizes and is light on the strands

    Also you may be experiencing a lil more dryness due since you relocated to Jamaica. I live if South FLA where it's VERY humid and using glycerin sometimes results in less than stella results once air-dried ( i.e dry and rough/frizzy

  6. I was about to say due to the change in climate which savvy sammy already addressed. My solution is coconut oil and bagging! But as already noted above sub out the glycerine. Lets know how it goes (oh how i wish i had an aloe vera plant!)

  7. Sooo missing you Abbi! My hair was weirdly dry for about 2 weeks straight about a month ago. Nothing I used helped. Until I clarified. Weird right?

    KLP | SavingOurStrands


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