Monday, 21 April 2014

Straight Flexin' - Wash Day 4/18

I washed my hair last Friday and it was one of those simple, smooth wash days.

I started off by finger detangling with Mane 'N Tail and then detangling with my wide-tooth comb, after which I braided my hair in 4 sections. Yes, this this is still very much a part of my regimen!

 Next I got to pre-pooing/ deep conditioning with Queen Helene cholesterol cream, peppermint oil, castor oil + oil mix, and glycerin.

Then I shampooed with Pantene relaxed moisturizing shampoo, which I must say doesn't feel too moisturizing when used straight from the bottle. Next time I will have to dilute it with oil, conditioner or water.

The final step in the actual wash process was to condition with HEHH. Which felt OKay after the drying shampoo, but still not as moisturizing as I'd like.

After t-shirt drying for about 20 minutes, I blew my hair out on cool with the tension method (which took too long in my book). This was done in the same 4 sections I washed in.

cool blow-dry with tension method

I then M&Sed with water, lottabody, ORS HaiRepair Intense moisture cream and oil, and rolled each section onto a flexi-rod (see below), and this produced the results pictured in the very first pic of this post.

flexi rod set in quadrants

I have been M&Sing and just redoing the 4 flex -rod set every night since then. I kinda' like it!

Large or small flexi-rod sets for you?


  1. Your hair looks fantastic. I'm inspired to try this. :-)

  2. Looks great! Keep it up

  3. Looks great! I also tried the Pantene relaxed moisturizing shampoo straight out of the bottle and then diluted with conditioner. Both times it left my hair feeling dry so I used it to clean my combs instead.

  4. Beautiful curls! How long do you leave your flexirods in to dry?

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  5. Hi Abbi your hair looks great in this post.

  6. Lovely results!
    I started doing tension blow dry with cold air a month ago- I love the results it gives me! But man...let's just say I wanna slap myself for how long it takes me!

  7. I always love your curly dos! This looks so simple will give it a try!

  8. Hard to believe 4 lil rods could result in such gorgeous curls. Cute


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