Thursday, 17 April 2014

Reactions to my HHJ Progress

Having been on my journey for 2 years, I have achieved lengths that I hadn't before. I started the journey while living in Japan, and while my family members and few close friends knew what I was up to, most others wouldn't and didn't.

Now that I am back I get a barrage of questions and comments ranging from reasonable to just plain crazy, from people who knew me to have shoulder length hair. Here are some of them:
  1. A few days after arriving, I was rocking a braidout when I went to visit a friend of mine that I used to work with a few years back. During the convo, I saw her eyeing up my hair but I said nothing. Finally she asked "So Abbi are you gonna be able to find this kind of hair in Jamaica? I hope you stocked up before coming home" I laughed and told her it was mine. She was shocked and then she offered up some compliments.
  2. On Sunday, I went to church with my hair out - the product of a rollerset. While returning to my seat from a walk-up offering, a lady that sits beside my grandmother grabs my hand and says "Please tell me which one of the oils you use to make your hair grow!" Apparently, my grandmother was over there feeding her some not-so-correct info. lol
  3. Yesterday, I went to the gym in a braid-out turned high bun. A fellow gym-goer/ friend of my sister's (who I've also known for a while) came up and said "All this hair is yours?!" and proceeded to run her hand on the sections where the hair laid flat to be held in the ponytail, in what I suppose is an attempt to feel for tracks.
There are a plethora of other instances that I won't bother to list, but the theme of the questions and comments is shock, intrigue and a cry for help. Literally, everywhere I go I get comments and questions on my hair. A great many persons have said "you're gonna have to help me grow out mine". It just goes to show that the masses (especially here in Ja(?)) are still unaware that black/ afro hair can grow to great lengths provided that we utilize proper hair care techniques.

Hopefully someday I can play a greater part in advancing the knowledge of black people on their own hair and educate them on just how much potential their tresses possess.

Have you had any experiences where people expressed disbelief at your progress? 
How did you deal?


  1. That is so nice. I would like the feeling of such kind of questions :) My hair is not long enough though. :)

  2. you should abbi!!.....i think you should start promote your blog some more and provide consultancy tips even for a small fee lol just saying.

  3. Speaking of potential, I was really saddened by the state of the hair of a lot of black people when I went out today. I really hoped it was a problem with just that neighbourhood. I saw thinning, breakage, damage and general distress everywhere. It wasn't pretty. I wanted to scream.

    1. Lawd have mercy on their follicles.. Amen. I dont know why ur comment made me giggle but I can tell you are being sincere.

  4. Heheh, your post is funny! What miracle oil are you using, and hope you stocked more of that hair! I get the same thing when I got home and my hair was not even APL! So I can only imagine the reactions to your beautiful hair! Inspire them with your knowledge!.


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