Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My Trimming Frenzy

A few days ago a friend of Belowthawaist asked if I was ready to claim waist length as I was pretty close. I'd say as at my last length check I was about an inch (maybe 2) away.

But right now, I am at least 3 or 4 inches off due to my recent trimming frenzy.

It all started the Sunday after I arrived in Jamaica and was having my hair roller-set by my lovely mom. Can I just say she did an excellent job. She was very gentle (probably more than I'd be lol) and she complied with all my requests. So I asked her to trim each section she made for the roller-set. She did a great job, I didn't even have to police her to ensure she wasn't taking off too much. I just left her to it.

after trim # 1

The following week, I went to a salon for a wash and as I mentioned in that post, my ends frizzed up pretty fast. I was thinking maybe I needed to whack off more of the ends to get to the good stuff, and that I did. I sectioned my hair into upper and lower halves, put a scrunchie around it and brought it all the way down, leaving about an inch to be cut. Then I went back in to "even up" the ends. So I think I took off around 2 to 3 inches overall. And even then they were a bit frizzy. So I got some moisturizer and oil and that did the trick.

during trim # 2

I realized after, that my ends really only needed some TLC and proper techniques to become unfrizzed (the brushing at the salon did them more harm than good). So needless to say, my faith in trimming has not been restored lol. I aint mad though, it's a healthy practice to trim every now and then. Nonetheless, it's back to  the search and destroy method for me, at least for another year :-D

What's your trimming situation?


  1. I know the feeling. I've had several inch trims, thinking my ends wouldn't recover from the frizz/brittleness. Now armed with what I know, my hair would've been bra length by now. :(

    Live and learn! Plus, you removed the straighter ends anyway to get your hair in sync. ;)


  2. You will be back to WL in no time. Trim looks good!

  3. I have learned something new today. I guess I will not be trimming before checking the cause of the frizz.

  4. No worries...keep doing what you've been doing and you'll surpass what you cut off in less than no time.


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