Monday, 3 March 2014

Upside-down, Inside-out - HOTW

I feel like I do these posts every other day based on how quickly the weeks go, but hey, no complaints here, gallop away.

I love web-surfing hair info. There is just so much out there to see and learn. Last week I got some inspiration from Dessy and decided it would be my next HOTW style. It's a very simple and fun style that takes about 10 minutes to execute. The only issue is, you have to be inverted to braid the hair going from nape upwards. This is my first time doing this kind of braid and when I returned to upright position, I realized the braid was inside-out (It was late and I was upside-down..don't judge me lol). I decided to let it remain that way, (as I wanted to get to bed and had no desire to start all over) and topped it off with a bun.

So for this week's style, I was literally upside-down while executing it and the cornrow ended up being inside-out. Take a look-see:

HOTW - Upside-down, inside-out cornrow & bun


  1. Section hair into halves (upper and lower)
  2. clip the upper half out of the way
  3. invert yourself (bend over from the waist down)
  4. braid (cornrow) back half from the nape towards the crown (then return to upright position)
  5. secure cornrow or just merge with the upper half and secure with a ponytail holder
  6. form ponytail into a bun, secure with bobby pins and enjoy

I'm really enjoying this protective style experience. It allows me to limit manipulation and to save so much time. The styles are fun and I never get bored.

Are you doing weekly protective styling too?


  1. Althoug am more of a long term PS'er I enjoy your weekly PS styles. Gonna give this one a shot. What's the secret to your thickness? Its consistent from root to tip. Spill it! lol

    1. hahaha Thanks Sam! I was just saying on the previous post that I don't consider my hair thick, since I have medium/ fine strands and medium density. But if I had to point out some things that 'thicken it up', I'd say texlaxing, minimal heat, and reducing breakage by protective styling and washing hair in braids. Those three things popped in my head first.

  2. Super cute! Thanks for sharing!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  3. I tired this and couldn't braid from my nape to save my life. Very Nice!

    1. lol oh no. Give it another shot, if I can do it, you can too. (I am not great at these things) lol

  4. I always love you week long PS. But with this one I think I would have the same issue as Tomes!

    1. haha It wasn't too difficult. I bet you'd get it done if you tried lol


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