Friday, 31 January 2014

Friday Frolic - I'm in love with baths!

I am totally a 'Friday' girl! I have always been. I just come alive on the weekends and I usually kick the weekend off with some Friday fun. So I guess I want to inject a bit more of me into the blog by doing "Friday Frolic" posts. I mean really, you didn't think the only thing that interests me is hair, did you?! No! So on Fridays, I want to share other parts of my life with you, and yes you read today's title right, I really am about to share my bath time habit.

For a while, I did not take baths (and by that I mean I only took showers!! lol) I just did not have an hour or so to waste away in a tub. But recently I got a new tub installed and decided to give it a whirl...we have been going steady ever since. There is just something about running a hot bath at the end of the week, after you have worked up a sweat in the gym. It just feels as if you are washing away the stress of the week, it's like food for a hungry soul!

Bath time necessities
There are certain things that are absolutely essential to a successful bath time ritual for me:

Bath time!
  • bath salts & or Epsom salt
  • EVOO or coconut oil
  • essential oils
  • soft lighting
  • music 
  • a glass of red (optional) and
  • time

I'm usually soaking away for at least an hour so I need lots of that last ingredient. Oh and water! (i.e. a glass of water, i'm sure you already know you need water for the tub)  You may be more than a little dehydrated when you're done.

I feel extremely revived and relaxed after a Friday night bath. I feel toxin-free, squeaky clean, and my skin is hydrated, moisturized and as soft as a baby's behind. I love it!

You don't have to wonder where I'll be on a Friday night at 9. I have made it a priority to dedicate an hour to 'me-time'. Sometimes I am quietly meditating or reflecting on life and  at other times I fill the tub up half way then ride it wit' ma... surfboard hahaha (I had to!)

Showers or baths for you?


  1. I haven't had a bath since I moved places about six months ago. It's such a perfect way to de-stress. Lately I've been so tired I feel like if I got in a tub that would be my bed for the night.

    1. haha no joke Aine! Sometimes I'm so tired, and the bath so relaxing, I really could just sleep right there lol

  2. I love a relaxing bath! This post is so fitting with valentine's day around the corner. Wine, candles, soft music. I'm guilty of reading books and magazines in the bath too haha. Love the photo, great post!

    1. Thanks Monalisa. I agree. I wish that was my tub!

  3. awww. I have a roman tub and enjoy taking baths. It's my Sunday night get-ready-for the-work-week ritual. Add some candles, a glass of Moscato and some relaxing music!!!!!!!! Calgon take me away!

    1. I can definitely see how it would be great for a Sunday night treat to start the week right. I bet you're in a good mood all week!

    2. YESS along with yoga am alays in a Zen state of mind

  4. Girl, I luv baths! But every apartment I've had recently only has the shower, nil bath tub. Its a shame cuz baths are soooo relaxing. Nice post! Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh no Rachel! You'll have to go with my alternative of turning my shower into a sauna...super relaxing too and great for your hair and skin.


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