Thursday, 30 January 2014

My Go-To Products & Techniques While Short-term Protective Styling

Am I ODing with the protective styling posts yet? I know, once I'm into something I'm all in! Plus, there's just so much to discuss re PSing. So today we delve once again into my product stash, and find out what I've been reaching for during the last month of weekly protective styling, as well as a few techniques which I use regularly. Let's start on wash day, shall we?


This one is very simple - Aubrey's HSR sealed with EVOO

I haven't clarified in a while, it's usually my co-poo mix (except for that time I mistakenly used straight shampoo, no harm done though). In this co-poo (picture of the ingredients here), I use a sulfate shampoo, but the accompanying ingredients ensure it doesn't dry out my hair or cause tangles.

Deep Conditioners
It has been moisture, moisture, moisture for me. No sight of protein anywhere lol. I'm 6 weeks post, and used protein for 3 consecutive weeks around the time of my relaxer so at least for another few weeks, moisture is what the doctor ordered. 
I have been reaching for my Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose the most. I also grabbed the Queen Helene Cholesterol Cremes a few times. EVOO is always a part of the line-up. Sometimes I mix some of the newbie DCs in with those staples.

I have been loving the VO5 Shea Cashmere Moisturizing Conditioner for this step. It really is moisturizing and it smells oh so delish! (Only a pity I only picked up one bottle while on vacay, no way to repurchase :-()

Moisturizers & Sealants
I haven't used a 'leave-in' in the longest! I t-shirt dry, then I M&S (with HEHH & EVOO) and proceed to air-dry. When I'm ready to style I go ahead and LOC/ LCO my hair (I'm still trying to figure out which is really more moisturizing). Here, I am usually going for water, EVOO, Herbal Essences Hello Hydration  (HEHH) and/or ORS HaiRepair Intense Moisture Creme. During the week when I moisturize and seal, it's usually with water and EVOO and sometimes I put a generous amount of any conditioner in my palms and glide it over my hair.


  • I don't know if there is any real benefit to this, but I have been making a habit out of turning my shower into a sauna (Japanese showers are excellent for this since it's separated from the toilet area), thereby giving my hair a mini steam treatment pretty much daily. Sometimes I add a conditioner, other times I don't. The verdict is still out on the effects, but I think I like it.
  • Keeping my hair braided during both the wash and air-drying processes. The only time I remove the braids is for a final comb-through during the (rinse-out) conditioning step, then I rebraid and air-dry. This has been a time saver and a tangle eliminator! Why hadn't I been doing this all along??

The theme running through this routine is definitely moisture, protein and I aren't exactly best buds anyway. I will do the occasional protein treatment (insert cringe lol) but for now, moisture it is!

Are you on the PS wagon yet? What products/ techniques have you been utilizing?


  1. I really can't imagine my life anymore without buns, braids, and updos. No...seriously. Having my hair down in this weather is a recipe for disaster!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. IKR! A lot of persons like their hair straight and out in the winter because it doesn't revert as easily, but I am the opposite. PSing was made for winter in my book.


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