Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A Necessary Evil - Hair Product Haul

I just love paying 120usd for $50 worth of goods! (umm not so much) but it's a must when products are not available. Check out what I got below.

What I got:

  • ORS Olive Oil Cream relaxer (lye, normal) 18.75oz
  • Jazzing (color 10 Clear high glosser) 3 oz
  • Queen Helene Cholesterol Creme 15 oz (regular and ginseng formulas)
  • Tresseme Vitamin E Moisture Rich Conditioner
  • Lottabody Set Lotion Concentrated 8 oz
  • ORS Hair repair nourishing conditioner (pak)
  • ORS Hair repair polisher with aloe vera 6 oz
    • Ruby kisses lipstick in burgundy & SuperNail clear acrylic powder (I just had to lol)

Evidently relaxer day is upon me (another 2 weeks or so). I am armed with my Jazzing clear rinse to seal my hair on said day. I repurchased Queen Helene cholesterol creme because they are great as a 'base' for my moisturizing DCs and the Tresseme conditioner I absolutely love for a final rinse and sometimes even as a leave-in. The ORS nourishing conditioner is great as a light protein treatment and I picked up the hair polisher as I think it will work well as a sealant in this cold, dry weather as it contains cones. The Lottabody is a new HHJ purchase. I used it pre hair journey and loved the hold it provided to roller set results. I recently saw it in one of PrettyWitty77's roller set videos and decided to try it out again.

Although it is a hair haul, I did pick up a lipstick (cheap and cute) and some acrylic powder as I may do this to my nails for winter vacation.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Was jus scanning and i saw my dear beloved ORS HaiRepair!! How do you find it? I'm so in love with it! i'm annoyed that it's still in packets!

    1. Girrrlll, I love pretty much all the products ORS makes! lol The HaiRepair conditioner is great. I'll be using it the wash day after my relaxer as a mild protein treatment.

  2. What does the jazzying do for your hair.

    1. I've never used it, but I've heard it does great things like brighten up dull hair, seal the strands, correct porosity, reduce frizz and so. Here's a post that may help: It includes other posts about clear rinses as well.


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