Saturday, 24 January 2015

My Meatlessness.

Going vegan is pretty high up on the priority list for 2015.
Now, this may come as a shock for those who know me, but I stopped eating meat mid November of last year.
I remember when Ebony of L4L went meatless for a month and I told her I couldn't do that because meat was my favorite food lol. But I suppose I knew deep down that it wasn't that good for me because I started a 'Meatless Mondays' shortly thereafter. Then one day my boyfriend's nephew and I were talking, and I was admiring him so much because not only was he an 18 yr old vegan, but he had been a vegan for most of his life. I was saying that it's very interesting and that if I had the willpower I'd do it too.
Holdup, wait, WHAT?
If I had the willpower?? Of course I do. And a few days later I gave up meat for a month.
It was only supposed to be until my birthday (Dec 19) or until Christmas, but when that time came, I just didn't crave it and I haven't had any meat since the first day I gave it up and I plan to keep it that way.
I still have fish about 2/3 times per week, but I intend to cut that down dramatically in the near future, and entirely by the end of the year.
What do I eat, you ask?

Well, I have been eating as per the RAW TILL 4 plan, created by Freelee the Banana girl on Youtube.
It sees me eating mostly fruit, with some vegetable until 4:00pm and a cooked meal thereafter. She has a vegan cooked meal, while I do a pesco-vegetarian (sometimes vegan) meal.
I feel so much better being meatless, oh yeah I don't have and dairy either, so my sinuses are so much better for it. I am still going through what they call a detox phase so all is not perfect, but I feel great and I'm not fiending for meat sooo, no need to reintroduce it into my diet.
I have been getting info from various sources, but mainly from Youtube. I'll leave you with a few videos to enlighten you about the dangers of animal products and the benefits of going vegan.
Of course the above will lead you to a plethora of other insightful videos. Enjoy.
Have you considered this route? Let me know your thoughts.


  1. I've thought about going vegan but I always say the same thing that you did about not having the will power. Maybe one of these days. Good luck with your transition! :)

    1. lol I said that too, but somehow it's not that challenging for me.

  2. Nice!! clean eating is awesome, I cant go vegan, no eggs or cheese? the horror, lol! But I fully support you on this one!

    1. lol I was such a big cheeser but then I was enlightened on what dairy does to the body. the horror! haha

  3. Omg, its SO funny that you posted this (and I'm back to reading blogs again) because I was just saying "I'm really craving some Eggplant Parmesan." I haven't eaten regular pasta since then, always spaghetti squash and I just used the last of my meatless meat crumbles. Like you said, its amazing how little you do actually crave meat once you give it a try. I can't say I'll become a full vegan, but many of the habits I started during that month are still in effect now. Great post!

    1. You definitely sparked something in me way back so thank you! lol

  4. way to go Abster! lol
    I tried going Vegetarian once but only made it to 2 weeks.
    I kept dreaming of meat. lol
    good luck to you!


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