Wednesday, 25 June 2014

5 Five-minute Summer Styles - Part 2 {Braids and Twists}

I'm continuing in the summer hair vein. Once again I'm bringing you super quick summer styles that can be done in less than five minutes, but unlike the last post which featured updos, this one will be all about...
braids and twists
numero uno   

Let's do 'dis:
  • make a deep side part on one side of your head
  • "comb" all the hair to the opposite side
  • do a single flat twist with all your  hair and secure
Let's do 'dis:
  • section your hair vertically into halves
  • take 2 small sections (about a square inch) from the front of each half, clip away
  • make a pigtail braid on one side, take it to the top of your head and pin it down with a bobbypin
  • repeat with the other side, hiding the ends under the other braid
  • take the two small sections from the top and neatly lay them along the front perimeter of your head, pin to secure
Let's do 'dis:
this style is similar to the above, so
  • follow the first four steps from "dos" above
  • use a device of your choice (I used hot rollers) to make drop-curls with the two small front sections

Let's do it:
  • divide hair down the middle
  • make pigtail braids with each section and secure
  • finally, add a headband or scarf to your look by tying it along your hairline, on top of your braids


Let's do it:
  • create a side part about 2 inches wide
  • take that side part to either side of your head, resulting in two sections at the front of your head
  • "comb the remainder of the hair backwards
  • make a flat twist on each side
  • take both flat twists to the back of the head and secure on top of the hair

There are so many other styles that are quick and easy and are perfect for summer. So tell me, what's your go-to summer hair which involves doing twists or braids?
Stay tuned for more summer hair. There's one more episode left in this series!


  1. i love the first one... ur smile is just adorable

  2. Yayness! Lol, luv these too! Your hair looks really thick and healthy, thumbs up girlie! I like the fact that the braids/twists are protective, especially if you tuck the ends away.

  3. My favs are uno, dos and that order!


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