Tuesday, 24 June 2014

5 Five-minute Summer Styles - Part 1 {Updos}

Hey Guys!
I was playing around and came up with some awesomely easy breezy hairstyles which are perfect for summer. These styles were done on semi-straight hair, but I'm sure they could work on pretty much any texture with some tweakin' and twerkin' lol. Check out the first 5:



How to:
  • Create a horseshoe section at the front of your head
  • make a ponytail with the back section and form it into a messy bun
  • put a headband/ scarf behind the horseshoe section and tie it beneath the bun
  • gently fold the front  section and tuck it into the headband
    • this is a messy look so don't overthink it ;-)


How to:
  • make a deep side part, taking it to the opposite ear (clip away)
  • divide the rest of your hair down the middle & secure into pigtails
  • twist each pigtail and cross it over to the other, securing with bobbypins
  • lightly twist the front section, taking it behind to wrap around a pigtail (and secure with a bobbypin)

How to:
  • Similar to #1, for this retro number, make a horseshoe section at the top of your head
  • take the back section into a ponytail
  • wrap your scarf/ headband behind the horseshoe, tying it under the ponytail
  • gently roll the front section into a cinnabon, tucking the ends under the scarf 


How to:
  • create a side part and "comb" hair outwards (to the face, back, sides etc)
  • place a head band over your hair near your hairline (ensure you use a taut band)
  • take small sections of hair and tuck it through the headband, until all your hair has been tucked away
    • pieces that re-emerge are tucked through once again


How to:
  • Flip head upside-down to gather all your hair at the top of your head
  • secure with a ponytail holder and form into a top-knot
    • You can stop here for an effortlessly chic look or you can...
  • tie a head scarf around your head and form the ends into a bow

Stay tuned for more easy breezy summer styles. Next up: braids and twists.

Fancy any of the above?



  1. Great styles. I love number 4 the most :)


  2. I've been debating on trying something similar to style #4! I think I'll try it!

  3. Yayness! Luv these, #5 is my fav though :-)

  4. Love number one and number four is totally wow! If I had any kind of length I'd be running straight to a mirror right now!

  5. I wanna marry # 4. So chic!!!

    1. hahah u crack me all the way up!!


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