Saturday, 8 March 2014

Chilling Time - What I Do with my Hair on Weekends

Hey hey hey! Happy Sunday!

So you guys know I have been doing weekly protective styles since January. Then when I am heading out on the weekend it's probably a braid-out or a bun. But what about when I'm just here chillin' at home? Well, that's what I'm showing today.

after releasing last week's PS

It usually starts Friday night. I take down my PS and detangle using either Mane 'n Tail detangler or Aubrey organics honeysuckle rose. I usually detangle with my fingers and then with a wide-tooth comb, after which I braid my hair in 4 sections and pre-poo.

Unlike some, I never pre-poo with cheapie conditioners. You see, the pre-poo for me is a chance to deep condition my hair (and sometimes it IS my DC session) and rinse-out conditioners don't deep condition. So for the pre-poo, I usually reach for (again) Aubrey's Honeysuckle rose. I add this to my hair while in the four braids, and my hair may remain this way for a few days until I'm ready to wash.

Alternately, I may mix up a bunch of DCs that I have, to pre-poo with: Queen Helene cholesterol cream, Aubrey's, + a few I picked up on vacay, add some water, EVOO and a few drops of essential oils. I also add this to my hair while it is braided. This is usually a heavier mix and I don't leave this on for the entire weekend. The longest I'd go is overnight.

Finally, when the wash rolls around, I will either shampoo or co-wash. Again, I don't release the braids for these processes. Read more about washing hair in braids here. Depending on how my hair feels, I may or may not DC, since my pre-poo is equivalent to a good deep conditioning session. Finally, after rinsing, I allow my hair to air-dry in 2 or 4 braids. Then I proceed to style for the week. And that's it.

Next up: this weekend's wash experience.

What's the state of your hair on weekends?


  1. I have been cutting corners and Dcing on dry hair and following up with SHampoo afterwards to eliminate the getting in and out of the shower twice. I have to agree with you after Dcing with my Queen Helene mixture I don't DC again, its just not necessary.

    1. True true Tomes. Most times it's just not necessary.

  2. I'm a middle of the week washer so that I can wear my hair styled over the weekend. I really need to start washing in braids. It seems to make life easier!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. That's a good idea. My routine will be changing soon so I'll consider going that route too (mid-week washing).
      It's a God-send!

  3. I have been washing my hair in braids too and it has been so good! Espcially and double digits post relaxer! The weekend is a full hair event! hehe

    1. lol Yes ma'am! I literally have not had a bad or long wash day up to this point and I'm 13 weeks post! I credit washing in braids for that!


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