Monday, 10 March 2014

Trouble in Paradise - Wash Day 3/8

Last week's wash was an interesting one.

I started off by taking down last week's PS (which as you'll see down below, remained moisturized all week)...

trying to capture the moisture & sheen still present at the end of the week

and finger-detangled with the aid of Mane 'n Tail detangler. I then went in with a wide-tooth comb to eradicate all remaining tangles. Next, I braided my hair in my trusty 4 braids.

shed/ broken hair

I applied a combo of Aubrey's Honeysuckle rose, Queen Helene cholesterol and EVOO to pre-poo with. I steamed in my sauna/ shower and left it in overnight with a plastic bag and twisty-turby.

The next day, after my work-out, I proceeded to wash my hair. I rinsed the DC from my hair with warm water. I am trying to finish up some products as I'm moving soon and don't want to take them with me. So this week for my shampoo, I grabbed Aphogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair *insert cringe* I applied it to my scalp (and inherently my new growth) and left it there for a few minutes...bad idea! My hair was uber dry! Even while soaking-wet I could feel that my hair was dry and stripped.

As such, I applied another dose of my DC mix and steamed in the shower for about 5 minutes. While I was sitting there enjoying the steam (my face loves it just as much as my hair), the Aphogee 2 minute Reconstructor was staring me in the face and I picked it up and applied just a little to the ends of the 4 braids (the devil finds work for idle hands, or maybe this time it was God because...) my ends felt soft and wonderful after. Before rinsing, I applied some Tresseme Moisture Rich on top of the DC to seal it in.

I could feel that the Aphogee shampoo had caused some tangles at the roots. So, after loosening each braid, I gently finger detangled and then combed through with my wide tooth comb under the shower stream with cool water. I can just imagine the damage that would have been incurred had my hair not been in braids.

executing entire wash day in braids

All shampoos are not created equal. Needless to say, I will not be purchasing/ using this conditioner again.

Finally, while in the shower, I made 2 braids at either side of my head. When I got out I t-shirt dried and then when about 80% dry, I pinned up the ends, donned my scarf and went to bed.

Again, braids saved the day.

How was your wash day?


  1. Girl I'd panic! When I used Cassia and rinsed it out my hair was soooo dry, My heart was in my throat. Thankfully your hair was already detangled in braids, so no harm done thank goodness. 3 Cheers for braids! :-D

    1. I can see how someone would panic because had I not re-deep conditioned and had my hair not been in braids, with 12 weeks worth of new growth, It could have been a disaster. But all was well. Yep three cheers AND a happy dance lol

  2. Hopefully you didn't have breakage. Washing in braids helps a lot !
    For some reasons, my hair absolutely hate Aphogee products!! Every time i used it i ended up with extremely dry hair !! Now i use the creme of nature argan oil shampoo and i'm about to throw away the 2 min reconstructor. Waste of money :( The ORS deep conditioners are my favorite when it comes to protein.
    Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Nope, no breakage! Thankfully.
      It seems that I'm not Aphogee's biggest fan either, I don't mind the 2 minute reconstructor though.
      Me, too. Those (ORS) are the only deep conditioners I've used that I feel I don't have to add anything to, be it oils, water, honey, other conditioners etc

  3. I ditched Aphogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair for that same exact reason. It has protein and whilst my hair loves protein powered conditioners---it hates protein shampoos! Good thing that the Aphogee 2 minute Reconstructor still works!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Why do they even bother adding protein to the shampoo? That's what conditioners are for, no? lol
      Yeah, I still get down with the reconstructor.

  4. Wow! good you saved the day! I am so scared of aphogee products, I have never tired them but just feel like they have a high protein concentration.

    Happy it all worked out in the end

    1. Yep, those products are a tricky bunch. Most of them won't be included in my regimen from here on. I have so many half-used products from them sitting in my cupboard cuz I'll never use them again cuz they don't work for me. Thanks doll.

  5. wow, that's quite the process.
    i'm tempted to copy and paste your post and email it to all my friends.
    they always think i'm lying when i tell them i can't go out because i have to wash my hair.
    a struggle they don't know, haha.


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  7. Got a little scared for you! Glad you were able to fix it. My mom used Aphogee on my hair when I was younger that was a big mistake. She had no idea how to handle it since my hair was already thick and wild. Terrible experience and I stay away from that product line due to a grievous flashback each time I consider it.



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