Monday, 20 January 2014

The Braid Parade - HOTD (W)

My hair just would not cooperate last night. After little less than an hour I gave in and went for something basic. This is what I ended up with...

Braided perimeter + braided bun

It's a simple hairstyle done by incorporating the braid which is an excellent means of protective styling.

How to:
  • Part 2 small sections at the front perimeter and braid them 
  • With the remaining hair, make a ponytail and braid it
  • Put the braided ponytail into a bun
  • Criss-cross braids from the front cornrows and pin to secure (wrap and tuck excess hair under bun)
  • Enjoy (for a whole week!! lol)

Are you protective styling too?


  1. Question,
    Do you have Type 4 hair? How do you know when Type 4 hair is sufficiently moisturized in terms of feel?

    1. Yes, I have "type 4" hair, but my hair is relaxed so it doesn't make much of a difference IMO. I know that my hair is properly moisurized if hours later it is still soft and hydrated. If my hair feels dry, crispy or brittle it is not moisturized. The LOC/LCO methods are great for moisturizing "type 4" hair.

  2. Love the style.


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