Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Out of the Cold - Winter Hair Issues Solved!

Dry, Dull, Brittle Hair

Our hair is dry anyway, when winter comes around the dryness is amped X10.

solve it: Deep condition with a moisturizing product. Don't be afraid to add oils to make your moisturizing deep conditioner a match for winter dryness. Skip the humectants such as honey, glycerin and panthenol as they can work against you during this time of the year. While during summer they are your best friends as they pull moisture from the air into your strands, in the winter it's vice versa. Instead, grab heavy sealants like castor oil, shea butter and even cone-containing oils.

Moisturize daily with a water-based product, and seal it with an oil. Hair still dry and thirsty? Next time, after moisturizing and sealing, add an extra layer of sealant in the form of a cream. Now your are LOCked and loaded and ready to beat the drought.

Itchy, Flaky Scalp

Much like our skin, our scalp can be negatively affected by cold, dry winters. A healthy scalp in the warmer months can look like your favorite frosted cereal in winter (eeek). Dry, itchy, flaky scalp is a result of the lack of moisture.

Fix it: While I engage in hot oil treatments year-round, in winter they are a God-send. Try a combination of EVOO and Grapeseed oil or any combination which provides you with relief. Go even further by adding a few drops of peppermint, tea tree and or rosemary oil to your mix. Use an applicator bottle to ensure the product reaches your scalp. Massage for a few relaxing minutes and enjoy a happy scalp days after.

Hat hair

We've all been there. A lovely hairstyle totally ruined by the dents created by that gorgeous beanie.

rectify it: Turn that style into a cute bun, braid or ponytail. But next time, if it's super cold out and you want to rock that fly head gear, go for a textured style like bantu, braid, or twist-outs which will withstand the pressure the hat will put on the hair. When you remove your hat, the dent will blend seamlessly with the twists and turns of your textured tresses.

Additionally, if winter hats are contributing to the dryness you are experiencing, use a silk or satin material beneath your head wear. whether you simply don a bonnet or scarf or you go the extra mile to permanently affix the material to your hat, always protect you hair beneath.


Our hair follows the cycle of life. It's no different from other living things which blossom in the spring but are rooted up in the fall/winter months. If you find extra strands in your brush during the colder months, listen up!

stop it: There is no better time to break out that bottle of castor oil, garlic shampoo, or that box of odd tasting tea. All of these natural remedies can help reduce shedding. Add some tea tree to your castor oil to up the ante. Additionally, your desire to drink water may have waned along with summer, but drinking water may also boost your odds against shedding. Shedding still not under control? Stop stressing about it! Stressing causes hair loss like none other!

How do you winter-proof your hair?



  1. Thanks for writing such a good article, I stumbled onto your blog and read a few post. I like your style of writing...
    Lucy 'good hair day'

    1. You're welcome Jimmy jam. Thank you so much, be sure to return :-)

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