Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Edge Control - How to keep/ regrow your edges

I recently shared in this post that after donning a wig cap for 16 straight weeks, I saw where my already naturally thin edges were looking even thinner. Fortunately I grew them back in and you can too. There are a barrage of means by which one can regrow his (her) edges. These methods can range from over the counter medicines to surgery. But what if that's not your 'thing'? What are some less risky actions one can take to get back to full, healthy-looking edges? Check out the following:

Refrain from tension on your hairline - traction alopecia is real, just ask Naomi. Ensure that styles are not too tight. That includes not only box braids and cornrows, but also ponytails and buns.

Use castor oil - This oil has been known to aid the regrowth process extremely well. Just a little on your fingertips, massage the area requiring regrowth a few times per week and you are on your way to perfect edges. Incorporate a little essential oil like tea tree or eucalyptus and your edges will reappear even faster.

Skip any tools or products causing the damage - headbands, wig caps, wool scarves (which seem to plague our napes) can all be contributing to our hair loss. Skip them or find more hair friendly alternatives to replace them.

Be extremely careful with chemical processes at this area.  The hair at our hair line is often a different and more vulnerable texture than the rest of our strands. Some ladies have even stopped relaxing their edges to keep them safe. Also, if you wear weaves and you leave some hair out, for God's sake take some care of the leave-out!

Tried all the above with no success? Have you checked your diet? Research shows that consuming an excess of refined grain products and sugar can worsen your chances in the fight against hair loss.

How did you combat hair loss? Share your tips?



  1. Great post! I'm in the process of thickening my edges back up from my braid install...castor oil has become my bff!

    -Courtnea of Finally Growing!

    1. Same here! I love me some castor oil. Thnks Court!

  2. Perfect tips. Since I threw out my hair brush many moons ago, I haven't had any trouble with my edges.

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Thanx KLP. I don't really mess with dem hair brushes either. I found a small, soft one not long ago and it's the only one that will go near my tresses. Before that I did without.

  3. whenever i see this photo, i grab my castor oil and start massaging it into my edges.
    great tips!


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