Friday, 27 September 2013

Store-bought Deep Conditioners - My five faves

Deep conditioning really is one of the pillars of my hair regimen. I've never missed a week since the start of my hair journey. I have tried a few deep conditioners so far, some I didn't care much for but made them work, others I loved straight out the bottle. Let's take a look at my faves.

  1. ORS replenishing Conditioner - conditions my hair adding both moisture and protein. Gives great slip making detangling a breeze. Results in soft, strong, shiny hair.

  2. ORS Hair Repair Nourishing Conditioner - does the job of the ORS replenishing conditioner with a bit more of everything :-)

  3. Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner - At first I thought this conditioner did nothing for my hair... until one day I incoporated it into an over-night pre-poo and it was heaven!

  4. Lekair Cholesterol Plus - this conditioner works MAGIC on my new growth when I'm many weeks post.(Shea butter formula)

  5. Queen Helene Cholesterol Conditioning Cream - this was another "hhmmm, I don't know" conditioner. It's really thick and seemed to kind of sit on my hair. However, I love adding stuff to my conditioners, and one day I added a barrage of oils, which it absorbed really well, but the finishing touch was a few tablespoons of water and voila... a conditioner eligible for the top spot.

I add oils to most all my deep conditioners, or if I'm feeling lazy, I'll slather on my dc and "seal" with an oil / oil mixture. The ORS DCs however, really don't need oil to be added in, as they are pretty balanced.

So there you have it, my five fave deep conditioners. Click here to read about how I deep condition. What conditioners do you enjoy?



  1. I have tried 1 & 5 and if i don't add oils and Roux to 5 its blah on my hair.

    1. That's totally true! Water is what makes the difference for me with # 5.

  2. I tried the queen helene and I hate it. For my hair, while I was relaxed, it dud nothing
    my number one is the ors replenishing. I looooove it do much, that I buy the 1litre bottle.

    The aubrey organics is on my wishlist for next year.
    Do you use it only to pre-poo?

    1. lol yeah the Queen Helene really does need some tweaking but it makes a great base. The ORS replenishing is definitely a good one.

      I use the Aubrey in many ways! Especially now that I am team moisture, for prepooing, dc, detangling and even as a part of my leave-in concoction. It's one of the few moisture products (with no protein) that I have access to right now, so I make it work in soo many ways lol


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