Saturday, 21 September 2013

oil it up - My favorite Natural oils.

When I first started my hair journey a year and a half ago, I read a lot about natural hair oils and pretty much bought every one that I could get my hands on that had gotten good reviews. 

My stash

Now I have quite a sizable stash, some have finished and I haven't repurchased because they didn't seem absolutely necessary. But this post is dedicated to those that have been good to my hair and that I cannot live without. 

My lucky 7: 

  1. Coconut oil (pre-poo, deep condition, sealing
  2.  Grapeseed oil (pre-poo, deep condition) 
  3.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil (pre-poo, deep condition, add to shampoos
  4.  Argan (or jojoba) Oil (seal heat-styled hair
  5.  Castor oil (scalp massages , pre-poo, sealing in cold, dry months) 
  6.  Tea Tree Oil (deep condition) 
  7.  Peppermint Oil (deep condition) 

I'll go further in depth about each one in individual posts but for now, this is a snapshot of the oils I go crazy for. Other loves of mine include avocado, henna, almond, and rosemary, but I suppose I am able to live without them. 

What oils do you currently incorporate in your hair regimen? Share with me!


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