Friday, 20 September 2013

Layering it on - M & S

Whether relaxed or natural, black (people's) hair is inherently dry! Many of us struggle with this (myself included) and attempt to combat dryness in various ways. We deep condition, steam, co-wash, and use leave-ins on a weekly basis, but there is one vital measure used to keep dryness at bay on the daily! What is it?

Moisturizing and sealing. 

Straight hair - Hair Repair & Jojoba oil
Curly styles - Water, Wave Nouveau & Coconut oil

This is the act of applying water or a water-based product to our strands to provide our hair with much needed moisture and then using a layer of oil on top of our water-based product to ensure that it isn't readily evaporated. 

Why do it?

Black hair equals dry hair, for the most part. Moisture is a requisite component of healthy hair. Injecting moisture into the strands makes them more elastic and able to withstand manipulation without breaking, leading to length retention. Sealing the moisture in is an effective means of ensuring that the moisture you apply lasts more than a few minutes. Together, both practices lead to moisturized, soft, strong hair. Note: Oil is not a moisturizer and by itself will not effectively moisturize hair.

How I do it! 

While I have recently experimented with mixing my moisturizer with an oil to make this act a one-step process, typically, I section my hair into four, apply a water-based product, then I layer an oil or an oil mix on top of that. As per the picture above, I use ORS Hair repair with either jojoba or argan oil for straight styles, and water, Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lotion  with coconut oil or a mixture of my favorite oils when my hair is curly. Also, when I feel adventurous, I'll whip up a DIY moisturizing product, consisting of water, a conditioner or store- bought moisturizer, and vegetable glycerin (in the warmer months).

Moisturizing and sealing is a really quick process which yields great results. Get to it! 



What are your thoughts?