Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Clash of the Curls

Hey Lovelies!!

Today I'm comparing curls.
I know what you're thinking. No, the curl combat isn't with other girls.
This one is taking place on my own head.

I'm showcasing the results of three methods of creating curls, and then deciding which is the best (IMO).
I'm grading them on beautyease and durability.

So without further ado, these are they:

1. The Flexi Rod Set

2. The Hot Roller Set


3. The Traditional Roller Set

In the beauty category, I'm gonna have to give it to the hot rollers. This method always gives me va va voom curls that are so sexy and sultry. Love them.
In terms of ease of creating the style, It's a close one between the flexi rod and the hot roller set. If my hair is already straight, it'll take me on average, twenty minutes to install my rollers. If I have to blow-dry my hair, it's about forty minutes. With the flexi rods however, on straight hair, I can get them done in 5 minutes if I do about 6 rods (as per above). And if I need to blow-dry prior to installing the rods I would need about 25 minutes. So it's a win for the flexis!
In the finally round, I'm judging based on how long a style lasts. Sorry hot rollers! You've been knocked out. This one is between the flexis and the regular rollers. This is a tough one though. I'd have to say that while the results from the regular rollers last quite some time, the flexi rod curls can go a bit longer. PLUS they can be turned into a plethora of other cute styles with ease.
Well well well! It seems the flexi rod set emerged the winner of this match-up. I didn't even realize they were such winners till today lol. I'm gonna have to do them more often.
I must say though, that I love the results I get from all three and they each have a place in my hair journey and my heart.

What's your favorite means of achieving curls?


  1. Wow abbi! I love them all, it's really the clash of the curl!!

  2. Gorgeous Abbi! My fav is the Flexi-rod set!

  3. I absolutely love your flexi rod results. I usually rod upward but I need to try rodding downwards and see the difference.
    Was this a wet rod set or dry? How many rods did you use?

    1. Thanks Tomi. I rod downward just because when I start from the roots, it remains taut.
      This was a dry set, I only added some foaming mousse to the hair pre-set. I used 6 rods, 3 on each side.

  4. The moment i read ease, beauty and durability, i knew flexi rod would win. Don't we all love Flexi rods!

  5. I love the Clash of the Curls!

    I almost always do a traditional roller set. For some reason, I have not gotten the hang of flexi rod sets yet.

    Lungi @ HHDC

    1. Thanks Lungi!
      Practice makes perfect. lol

  6. I love them all, wish I could do just one.

    1. Thanks Candice. I bet u have it in you!

  7. Hi Abbi, may you please post tutorial of the flexi rod set?

    1. Hey there. I have a video of the takedown on my youtube. I hope it helps a little.

  8. Flexi rods for the win! Followed closely by the steam rollers. The flexi gives a more tight spiral uniformed curls and the steam rollers give you more voluminous curls. win win really!!

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