Monday, 2 February 2015

Abbi, what's up wit'cho hair?

I am stopping by with a quick little hair update.
I realize that I haven't talked much about my hair in a little while.
And that's because there really isn't much to speak of.

I have been wearing my hair in one of three ways:
  • Some kind of top bun

  • Pigtails, or

  • a Braidout, which is a by-product of the aforementioned pigtails.

I still deep condition weekly, incorporating oils and humectants, along with the deep conditioner I choose on the day. On wash day, I always execute the LOC method, which keeps my hair feeling soft and supple for days. I am running and working out in the gym a lot, so I usually keep my hair in either the bun or the pigtails for the better part of the week, moisturizing & sealing as needed, while letting it loose during the weekends. That's pretty much it, right now I'm in the basic zone.
What's up wit yo hair??


What are your thoughts?